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Would You Trust A Medical Assistant With An Online Degree?

Would You Trust A Medical Assistant With An Online Degree?Similar to online banking and shopping that are now second-nature, online degree programs are now permeating our modern culture. As more and more adult students are realizing the need to advance their careers with advanced education, most are turning towards online degree programs that offer coveted degrees in their chosen field.

Due to the favorable job projections in the growing medical industry, a large number of adults are choosing to enter the industry by gaining an online degree as a medical assistant. However, many employers are forced to question whether or not they can trust a medical assistant with an online degree, making it a topic worthy of further discussion.

Differences Between Online Colleges

Most employers respect individuals who take the time to further their education and their careers in search of a better quality of life. They also respect the effort it takes to complete a degree and the newly acquired skills that medical assistants have gained through the process. However, they do not respect diploma mills that graduate students without the proper education they need to succeed as a medical assistant in a professional environment.

Fortunately, like traditional universities and colleges, reputable and highly-respected online colleges exist in many forms, which range from for-profit online colleges to online branches of respected public and private universities. For example, the U.S. News and World Report consistently ranks Penn State University as one of the top 50 traditional universities in the country, but Penn State also has a rich and diverse online degree program.

Can You Trust Someone with an Online Degree?

How to Trust student with an Online Degree

According to a study performed by Zogby International and Excelsior College, 61 percent of small business owners and CEO’s nationwide reported that they are familiar with online learning programs. Furthermore, 83 percent stated that an online degree is just as credible as a degree earned by attending a traditional campus-based degree program. However, they reported the need to look at certain factors such as:
  1. The accreditation of the university or college offering the degree
  2. The name and reputation of the school
  3. The quality of the school’s graduates

Factors that Affect the Credibility of Online Colleges

  1. Accreditation – When researching the trustworthiness of a medical assistant school, the first factor to consider is whether or not the institution is accredited. Students and employers alike can check the accreditation status of an online college on the U.S. Department of Education website.
  2. Reputation – An online college may be accredited by an approved accreditation agency, but this does not mean it produces qualified medical assistants. Therefore, it is important to check with other medical professionals and educators to acquire a sense of the reputation of the online college or degree program. Additionally, news and college ranking reports, such as U.S. News and World Report, are also terrific gauges of a school’s reputation and the quality of its instruction.
  3. Financial Aid Availability – Every credible online college or university provides students with federal financial aid. A degree from an online college that does not offer federal financial aid should be an immediate red flag as to the legitimacy of the degree.
  4. Results – Most medical professionals and employers recognize the importance of analyzing an applicant’s awards, achievements, and GPA, but many overlook the performance results of the colleges and universities that provide degrees. Factors like student loan default rates, graduation rates, student job placement results, and compliance with state and federal regulations should also be carefully examined when determining the trustworthiness of a medical assistant with an online degree.
The job growth of the medical field and increasing number of online degree programs is creating a growing number people with degrees from online colleges and universities. There are dozens of credible online colleges that provide a respected and convenient means of achieving a higher education. Qualified medical assistants with degrees from any of these reputable institutions have proven to be capable of performing their job functions and deserving of anyone’s trust in the medical field.

About Author: Brandon Serna writes on topics related to business, healthcare and education. He's interested in how people translate their particular talents and education into successful careers.

Source: http://www.westwood.edu/programs/school-of-healthcare/medical-assisting-degree

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