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Why Now Is A Great Time To Pursue Pharmacy Training

According to recent studies, job opportunities in the pharmaceutical field are growing. 2012 is a great time to pursue work in a pharmacy, and not only because of the increase in opportunities. Salaries are rising, and technology is allowing pharmacists to delegate a wider range of roles to their assistants and technicians.

Growing Opportunities

The outlook of pharmacy technicians and pharmaceutical assistants is currently on the rise. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 108,300 new jobs will open between 2010 and 2020. That is a 32% increase, which is much more significant than projected increases in other lines of work.

New Pharmacies Opening

Not only it is likely that new pharmaceutical technicians and assistants will find work after training, but many more people will work in new pharmacies. The number of pharmacies and the demands for prescription drugs are increasing, resulting in hundreds of new pharmacies opening across the nation.

Advancing Technology

Because medical technology and is expanding what medications can do, many more people are getting prescriptions. Cutting edge medical research is also expanding the number or treatments and medications available for patients.

From 1960 to today, the average life expectancy has increased by nearly ten years. People are living longer lives, but many of them require medication. Statistically, older people in general require more medication than younger people. Because of this, many pharmacies are opening in assisted living homes.

Pharmacy Training Gives You The Edge

Although the number of pharmacy careers is on the rise, the job market is still very competitive. Not all states require that their pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants complete training courses or pass exams, but the fact is, trained applicants are much more likely to see employment.

Now Is A Great Time To Pursue Pharmacy Training

Options For Employment

This is a great time to pursue training and develop the skills necessary to thrive at a pharmaceutical career. Because pharmacies are open 24/7, you will likely have an option between full-time and part-time work. The pharmacy assistants who get hired are usually the ones with the most skills in their field. Pharmacy training will teach you these skills, and prepare you for the ever-increasing roles you will have to fill.

Skills Learned

  1. Customer service skills: Pharmacy related jobs require a lot of customer interaction. Many pharmacies are located in retail locations, and it is very important to know how to be helpful and attentive to customers.
  2. Organizational skills: Pharmacy technician training will teach you to recognize job-specific details. Mistakes in this area could lead to serious health problems for patients. Training courses will also teach you how to organize patient profiles and minimize errors.


Because of an increasing demand in prescription medication, pharmacy related jobs are on the rise. People are living longer, and requiring more prescription drugs. Because of this, pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, and pharmacy technician employees are seeing an increase in job opportunities. With the right training, you can take advantage of these opportunities and pursue a stable career in a pharmacy-related job.

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