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Top Mobile Apps for Education

Following are the top mobile apps serving the best purpose of educating students, released for iphone and android based phones.

Discovery Channel
It is one of the most broadly watched educational and informative TV channel. The Discovery Channel app has made learning about the every aspect of life and every field in the world very easy and comfortable. It provides access to a world of information and is valuable for many fields of teaching. Students belonging to every educational field will love using it.

Blackboard Mobile Learn
It is a widely used online learning and assignment-sharing application. A large number of schools and colleges are using it to assist students and instructors stay connected on their study courses from anywhere. It provides access to the academic services at all times, enabling students to be updated with the educational activities.

World Atlas
It serves as a mobile atlas for students and teachers. It provides a comprehensive, interactive map that proves very helpful to have in the classroom.

It is useful app for both instructors and learners for building and sharing flashcards. Whether to make a study guide or practice tests, cram is a brilliant app for making very simple procedures.

The iBooks app puts any desired book right in student’s pocket and cuts out the hassle.

PI83 Graphing Calculator
It provides all mathematical functions at all times. It includes above 100 functions, and makes graphs and matrices and all other important functions that students need.

It is a mobile textbook app that helps get almost any textbook immediately to student’s pocket. It functions with many key publishers to make sure that students can follow the textbook at any place, without the complaints that comes with the hardcover version. 

It enables students to interact with their lessons as they go. It allows students to answer multiple choice questions and give their opinions on different polls that they incorporate into their lesson. This adds a great level of interactivity that keeps learners connected with courses.

This app brings the periodic table, along with many other basic facts and fun, to student’s mobile. This also assists students with periodic classroom presentations.

Dictionary.com is a dictionary and synonym finder that gives access to almost 2 million words. It can also be used when there is no internet connection, which means that it is also available offline.

EZ Read
It is made to assist clear up literary classics on mobile. It provides access to SparkNotes.com that gives free study guides for literature, poetry, and other educational topics. EZ Read also allows finding plot summaries, personality metaphors and taking quizzes.

It provides access to the famous online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. It enables students to explore the site's entries with speed and precision. It provides a browsing history, audio playback of dictionary definitions, and bookmarking private pieces of pages on student’s mobile. As per TheDailyBeast.com, Wikipanion is the number one research app for all learners looking for any desired educational stuff.

iPad Book Reader
With the launch of Apple’s iphone and ipad, the world of cell phone and the concept of personal digital assistance have changed. This change was convergent towards more practical use, applications, and functionalities of portable electronic gadgets. However, iPhone and iPad has several educational apps but the iPad’s PDF book reader application has made it very easy for gadget lovers to read books, magazines, or any other pdf file.

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