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Top iPhone Apps for College Students

Top iPhone Apps for College StudentsAs we all know, college students are busy. Whether it’s studying or socializing, very few college students actually take the time to plan their day or figure out how they are going to best succeed at school. These iPhone apps are all quick and easy to use apps that can help any student become a better student and have more fun at college.


Any.Do + Cal

Any.Do and Cal are two apps made by the same team of designers and engineers. In addition to being very beautiful, the integration between the two provides for a perfect system. Cal easily manages your calendar events and plugs into Any.Do so together you can easily look at all your school events, and easily schedule todo events that give you a reminder at a certain time or based on your location.


Dropbox is one of the amazing platforms that every college student should invest in using. In addition to allowing you to sync your documents, data, photos and music across machines, the iPhone app lets you easily access your documents, and integrates with many apps that allow you to write .txt files to your dropbox storage. Plus it automatically backs up all your photos over WiFi!


Evernote is literally one of the best (if not the best) way to take notes. You can either take notes in the actual app itself, or you can just handwrite notes and then take pictures and put them in the app. Not only does it index all your notes, if you forget which day you learned a certain topic (e.g. the derivative) you can just search for it in the search box and it will find all the notes that mention that topic–– typed or handwritten!


30/30 is a time management productivity app that helps you get the most out of your time. It uses a timer to help you complete all your tasks and stay productive. You just set the amount of time for each task and then try to beat the clock. It’s perfect for the Pomodoro method or any variation of it.


Beer Hunt

Beer Hunt is an application that helps you become the ultimate beer tasting master. Once you get off of the long day of classes, you and your friends can play this beer scavenger hunt to go and find local breweries and truly learn the difference between an ale and draft beer (a lifelong skill for sure).


Yelp is the perfect app for the college foodie looking to explore their town. It helps you find the best places to eat, shop, and play in your local town. If you’re coming to your college town from out of town, no app will better help you become a local than yelp.

Heads Up

Heads Up is a fun and quick study break game to play with friends. Basically the way it works if you put your phone on your forehead facing your friends. Then it’s a game of charades where the person with the iPhone has to guess what word is on the screen while everyone else tries to act the word out. Plus it records the two minutes video so you can watch later.



Mint is a financial management app that helps you track your spending and set budgets. Using Mint on your phone is almost a must for college students as they have such a tight budget. Plus by using Mint, students can easily keep track of all their purchases by just logging them when they make the purchase using their iPhone.

Amazon Student

Amazon Student is a must for all college students. Using a .edu email address can get you Amazon Prime for free for up to 6 months and combined this quick and free delivery with Amazon Student’s cheap prices for essentials needs.


Move is one of those apps that helps people quantify the exercise they do. For college students, this means the app will log all your walking and activity throughout the day and tell you a breakdown of your activity as well as the calories burned. Best of all, it’s free and requires no accessories!

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a magical app that is by far necessary for all the sleep deprived students. Sleep Cycle uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to measure how much  you turn and move during the night. It then takes this data, processes it, and tells you how good of a night’s sleep you got. Best of all, it helps you find correlations between things like mood, diet, alcohol intake etc. and the quality of sleep.

Top iPhone Apps

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