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Top 10 must see university campuses in US

Harvard UniversityHarvard University

Harvard University is a must see campus for visitors who like history, culture, music and food. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard has an area of 400 acres. The campus has many attractive buildings that possess unbelievable structural design .There are various huge parks carpeted by soft, green grass which is a perfect spot to just sit, study and enjoy beautiful weather. Harvard Square is a must to visit, where one finds the delicious food at many restaurants in the area; or one can visit as many bookstores as one likes.

Here, one finds a lot of museums including Sackler Museum and Peabody Museum. There is also an American Repertory Theater for drama, comedy or other theatrical performances. For the bookworms, Harvard is home to the oldest library in the country.

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

It is a most favored destination especially for artists who are seeking a place to unleash their artistic souls. RISD is the top arts campus in US. There is amazing works of art like murals, mosaics and sculptures. There are many art fairs where one can find a piece to take home.

A great place to visit is the Fleet Library that has above 130,000 volumes of text and approximately 685,000 holdings that are centered on design, art and architecture. In RISD Museum (Museum of Art), one can admire more than 84,000 pieces of art including sculptures, textiles and paintings. Then there are the exhibitions in campus encouraging works of RISD students.

The University of SouthThe University of  South (Sewanee University)

It is currently named the most beautiful campus in a survey among students carried out by Princeton Review. It is the ideal place for hikers and adventurers.

The main campus is built in the Gothic style and it is striking place to visit. Another great place to visit is Abbo’s Alley, which is a garden made along a ravine. The All Saints’ Chapel is also a great attraction for visitors. One can go on a guided tour after asking about it to the chapel staff.

Stanford University

Stanford UniversityStanford University is like a city in itself having own fully operating power plant, water system, post office, and even its very own lakes. This campus occupies around 8,180 acres and it is such a perfect place for hiking, walking and other tours. Therefore, more than 150,000 visitors are continuously visiting Stanford University annually.

One enjoys nature unspoiled and raw and finds many kinds of trees including redwood, eucalyptus, oak, and even cedar. Besides, other places to visit are Red Barn, Hoover Tower Observatory and Rodin Sculpture Garden.


This prestigious university attracts students and tourists from across the country. Its oldest building is Gibson Hall. The campus occupies a land of 110 acres that is dotted with enormous, magnificent oak trees and about 80 diverse buildings each displaying an amazing design.
For history lovers, there is Newcomb College Institute to visit. For arts lovers, there is Newcomb Art Gallery with huge collection of pottery. Moreover, there is Carroll Gallery for latest exhibitions by students and faculty. Music lovers can visit the Archive of New Orleans Jazz, where they can see a huge collection of books, pictures, and jazz recordings.

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGANUniversity of Michigan

This campus is very famous among students as well as athletes, as it has the largest football stadium in US, and the huge libraries with volumes of books on universal subjects. One can arrange a tour at the Hutwell Visitors Center. There are around 543 buildings to visit, and one can satisfy curiosity about the school’s history and architecture.

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIAUniversity of Virginia

The university’s area was nominated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. This remarkable feature also sets the university apart from others educational institutes. During the whole year, guided tours are carried out at the Lawn, Rotunda and Art Museum.

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTONUniversity of Washington

A good time to visit the university is in the autumn football season. One can tailgate on a boat and mingle with others while floating around Lake Washington. This is the only university in US that allows visitors to tailgate, so make the most of the experience in this university.

The great spots to see are Schmitz Hall, Suzzallo Library, Henry Art Gallery, Cascade Range and the museum houses pieces of Japanese art including pottery, textiles, and costumes. As the cherry blossoms in spring, the university looks a magical pink wonderland.


It is situated in New Haven, between New York and Boston, which is home to Harvard. Out of the previous 6 presidents of US, 4 of them actually studied at Yale University.

The main place to visit is the Mead Visitor Center. The buildings are built in Gothic style set against the contrast of beautiful and broad gardens. The other great places to see are the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.


The U.S. Air Force Academy is the only base that keeps its doors open to visitors. It is situated about 55 miles away from Denver. Three times in a week, one can see the cadets marching out to lunch in the middle of the day; an aircraft buzzes in the sky and one feels lush.

The academy occupies an area of 18,500 acres. One can visit the Stanley Canyon for hiking. The other great places to visit in the academy are Pike National Forest and Cadet Chapel.

University of Idaho at Moscow

1585 acre campus includes 10 miles of streets, 20 miles of sidewalks, 3.4 miles of utility tunnels, 49 acres of parking lots, 1.22 miles of bike paths, 46.5 acres of roof, and 22 computer labs. The Princeton Review recognized Idaho among the top 286 green colleges for most environmentally responsible institutes.

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