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The Future of Online Education

For those who are considering investing in online education, their selection of online programs is now broader than ever, thanks to current verification in the law. More and more schools, colleges and universities are providing online education, and even a large number of schools are projected to deliver online education in the future.

Until today, any school, college or university desiring to be eligible for federal student aid was needed to provide no less than 50% of its programs face-to-face. This need was eliminated in March 2006, leading to a spectacular enhance in the number of educational institutions providing online education.

Various recognized and esteemed colleges are now starting to deliver online education. In various cases many colleges manage to provide both the online and campus programs, with students going through precisely the same procedure and learning and being assessed by the same criteria. Thus, online students will have no doubts that they are getting accurately the same superiority of tuition and final conditions as the campus-based peers.

The contribution of an increasing number of schools, colleges and universities in online education is providing many positive aspects for online students:
  • A broader variety of courses and programs
  • Improved Quality
  • Employers starting to become accustomed to the initiative of online qualifications
The number of students in online education has increased from 1.98 million in 2003 to 2.35 million in 2004, and experts estimated that by 2008 nearly 1 in 10 students will be getting online education, showing the future of online learning very rosy.

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