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The Education Bureaucracy Grows While Students Suffer

Every year, the performance of the students in the United States continues to decline relative to other countries, yet the education system spends more money in the process. How can this be?

The United States public education system spends more than $10,000 per student per year. That is more than twice what the average private school spends per child. This is down about one percent from the previous year, but it's still a lot of money per child. Where does this money go?

The bureaucrats in charge of the public education system do not have any incentive to cut costs or save money like private schools do. Private schools have to be frugal and find ways to cut costs, because if they don't, they will cease to exist. The public education system just keeps getting more money and doesn't have to worry about going out of business. This creates a culture of waste and excess that doesn't leave anyone accountable.

Compared to other countries, the success of the American education system is much less than it should be. For example, the United States is ranked 17th in graduation rate of countries in the world. Compared to Finland, 93 percent of students graduate from high school, while United States students graduate at a rate of 70.5 percent. At the same time, Finland spent 30 percent less per student to accomplish this. Somehow, the United States education system is spending more and getting less results from the excess of money than what other countries are doing.

One of the major problems that is in the education system is the concept of tenure. This means that teachers who teach a certain amount of time acquire tenure, and cannot be fired unless there is some sort of significant cause. This tends to promote laziness because teachers know that they can't really be fired for poor performance. At that point, many teachers who have tenure simply go through the motions.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, the American education system is failing and is not performing up to the standards that are being set by other countries around the world. How will we keep up with the rest of the world if the majority of our adults haven't been properly educated?

The Education Bureaucracy Grows While Students Suffer
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