» » Subjects versus courses: Get your Facts Straight for Clearing 2013

Subjects versus courses: Get your Facts Straight for Clearing 2013

Subjects versus courses: Get your Facts Straight for Clearing 2013If you find on results day that not all has gone to plan and you have to rethink your plan for going to university, keep calm. Thousands of clearing places are available and if you want to go to university, you just need to keep your head, stay positive and motivate and, above all, be organized.

But it’s not just a matter of following the process of clearing 20131; you have to make new decisions about your future. And one of the most important is which course, not which subject, you will be studying.

Course, subject, aren’t they the same?

Nowhere close. You probably know which area you want to expand, which subject you want to take on to a higher level, but that is only the starting point as you go into clearing. You can study a subject at 10 different universities, who, combined, may offer hundreds of different courses, all in that one subject. Clearing places are classified by course not subject, so you need to have a shortlist of actual courses that you may want to consider.

You need to think about what you want to do with your degree, or what aspects of your subject interest you most, or how you want to study.

It all becomes clear when we look at some examples.

Clearing 2013 subject case study: biology

So, you loved doing biology A level, you got a good result, maybe an A or a B, but your chemistry, physics or maths let you down and you haven’t got into the biological sciences BSc at University College London that you were hoping for. They routinely reject anything below AAA.

You can now start searching for other biology courses available through clearing, but do you want to do:
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Environmental biology
  • Applied Biology
  • Biosciences
Any of the above in combination with a second subject as a joint honors? Such as Biosciences with forensic science?

And then when you start to look at the detail of any of the above courses at even three different universities, you will probably find they offer vastly different study options, different curricula and possibly other options such as a year in a work placement or a year studying abroad.

Clearing 2013 subject case study: music

OK, biology can get complicated, but music is straightforward isn’t it? No, you can do music, music technology, music performance, music combined with other subjects such as languages or business, sound technology, acoustics and a whole host of other possibilities.

Here is a similar list of courses available:
  • Music
  • Creative music technology
  • Popular music
  • Jazz music
  • Music technology
  • Sound engineering
  • Sonic Arts
  • Musical Composition
  • Music management and branding
  • Musical theater

The devil is in the detail

When you are choosing a course, whether through the usual application process or through clearing, you need to focus in, starting with your subject and narrowing down your choice of course.

Check out the types of course by looking at a few universities to see the range of study involved. Once you have a shortlist of course types, check out the universities that you would most like to go to. With a final short list of, say, 10 courses, look at the detailed information available about what is covered in each term and put them in order of your preference. You should then end up with a clear winner.

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