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Student Loans - Application Getting Shorter

The article contains information regarding the steps that have been taken by the Obama administration in order to reduce strain on students applying for financial aid and the predicted effects of these changes.

Student Loans - Application Getting Shorter
EDUCATION REFORMS is one of a startling move, opposed by many in the United States fearing communism in the country, the Obama administration took care of a serious concern for the students in the United States. President Obama signed a regulation reducing and lessening the complex and lengthy procedures of applying for financial aid for students.The secretary of education Arne Duncan announced a series of changes which allow for student to skip as many as 153 questions in the financial aid form reducing the number to mare 27.The action was taken in face of the difficulty faced by students in applying for the current financial aid procedures. Duncan explains the above in the following manner“Too many students who qualified found applying for student loans was too difficult to understand,” , “Too often, they simply got frustrated and they gave up. The form itself was liter-ally a barrier to entry in college. That has to change”.

With the above said changes the government expects a considerable increase in people applying for financial aid especially those who would shy away by just looking at the enormity of the forms being filled,“Next year’s applicants should see a 20 percent reduction in the number of questions and a 50 percent reduction in the number of Web pages to navigate,” Duncan narrated.The government also seeks permission from the senate on reducing the difficulty level of the questions themselves, and making it easier for students and their families like asking for people to attach their tax returns that have been filed at the Internal Revenue Service rather than the separate investment and banking records.With increase in the number of students enrolling at universities it is vital that the majority gets financial assistance from the federation. Say for some 60,000 students at Ohio State University more than 32,000 tend to receive financial assistance of some sort.

The extended six page application know as FAFSA Free Application for Federal Students Aid is a lethargic exercise that repeats the same questions by rephrasing the same. The fact is that people make fun of the above by stating that it asks how old one is, three different ways. Some organization in the past had been insisting the Bush administration on addressing the problems being faced by students across United States. However, the Bush Administration had other priorities so was the case with congress which showed resistance to any such move.The fact is that application procedures did play a role in determining as to who should get financial aid, but at the same time the share length of the document acted as a source of intimidation for those who need it the most. The economics and people who have knowledge admire the efforts of the Obama administration in helping students apply for financial aid.

From the summer onwards students who have reached ages of up to 24 or are married will be able to skip 11 questions asking of the financial history of their parents. Men above the age of 26 won’t be required to answered question relating to selective service registration. However, in January next year, low income students won’t be required to add information pertaining to their assets. In order to further simplify the procedures the U.S. Education Department has been providing students with estimates of Pell Grant and eligibility criterion since the month of May, 2009.

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