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A Kids Job – Learning Through Play

A Kids Job – Learning Through Play The Montessori education system places emphasis on playing to learn. Games figure largely in these classrooms. It raises a very important point about traditional education and the way it works. Why do so few people pay almost no attention to the idea of playing? Parents and teachers alike need to wake up to the potential they're squandering. It damages children to stick to conservative education methods.

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Getting down to Studying

Getting down to StudyingThe educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.

Those famous words from Aristotle definitely emphasises the need for education. However, who of us can actually convince our kids of this.

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How to Negotiate Salary

How to Negotiate SalaryAt some stage in our lives, most of us have to negotiate a higher starting salary or pay increase. Since we are generally programmed not to challenge our seniors in a professional environment, nor to discuss our finances in general, the thought of negotiation can make many of us break out into a cold sweat.

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Helpful tips on writing a research paper

Helpful tips on writing a research paperWhen students are faced with writing a research paper, they are usually overwhelmed because it definitely seems like a monumental project that involves a lot of work. However, writing a research paper doesn’t have to be difficult if the students are aware of the straightforward process that they need to follow by steps. The main factor of consideration is the word research itself. This type of project means that a meticulous investigation needs to be involved.

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Writing Tips for Medical School Admission Essays

Writing Tips for Medical School Admission EssaysMost students feel the admission essay is the most dreaded part of the whole medical school application process, but they are failing to see the unique opportunity they have to speak directly to the admission committee and to let the members see their true personality, get a sense of who they are as individuals and what skills, thoughts, insights and opinions they will bring to their institution.

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The Dreaded GED Course

The Dreaded GED CourseGED stands for “General Educational Development/Diploma”. These particular courses have been developed around five subject areas, which are: reading, writing, math and social science. GED courses are specifically designed for students who do not find the high school environment conducive of a learning environment, and many students benefit from a more independent approach to learning. The development of the GED system has ensure that thousands of students have not missed out on the basic high school education, of which we are all entitled too.

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The College Quandary

The College QuandaryThe end of August often coincides with one of the most difficult and, often, important decisions in the life of every student: the choice of which college attend to. Choosing the right degree course is a judgment that will affect the future career of every student. Due to the significance of this vital decision, it is important to approach it with maturity and decisiveness that it commands.

Here are some tips on how to solve “The College Quandary”.

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Importance of Cohorts in Online Education

Importance of Cohorts in Online EducationThe trend of online education seems to be bolstering gradually, with various learners delving in the pursuit of online learning. With the increasing demand of online education, various schools, colleges and universities have started to give vent to online studies and various certificate and degree programs are being conferred online. The flourishing trend of online education can be postulated as the consequence of pliability offered by online learning.

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President Obama’s Plans for Education


“If we want America to lead in the 21st century, nothing is more important than giving everyone the best education possible — from the day they start preschool to the day they start their career.”

President Barack Obama

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US Top 10 Schools with best Student placement Outcomes

Relation of Job-Placement with the Reputation of Educational Institution

Job placement is subordinate to and dependent on the reputation, high esteem and educational quality of the educational institutions. If the educational institutions bear the honor of having remarkable performance and laurels, then the job placement opportunities for the students of such Schools, colleges and universities are likely to be abundant. However, with the terms of situation reversed, the educational institutions having less remarkable standings bear low job placement rates for its students.

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Online Schools offering Global eLearning

The world has become a global village owing to the increased planetary communication. The enticement for e-learning seems to be provoking day by day. Many students prefer to opt for e-learning instead of hideous campus based learning which also trammels the accomplishment of other responsibilities of the students.
Extravagancy in the demand of online education is also due to the increased reliability and responsiveness of online systems. The comprehension of online systems also fosters the success of e- learning. The techno-phobia of individuals seems to be inversely proportional to the increased propensity of online systems.

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ACICS Accredited MBA Degree Programs

What is an Accreditation?

Accreditation is reckoned as a standard against which the schools, colleges and universities are evaluated in context of the quality of education and operating practices.

In order to confirm the high standards of educational excellence, accreditation agencies continuously evaluate the integrity, continuous improvement, accountability and open communication of the institutions which reside on their rosters.

The accreditation instills confidence in the educational community and institutions' constituencies. In order to evaluate the transfers of credit and applications for postgraduate study, the colleges and universities also rely on the accreditation status.

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Top Online Schools in US for 2012

The students bearing the busy life schedules are likely to remain in a pell-mell for choosing between the campus-based study and online study. The malleability and flexibility offered by the online education drifts the trend of campus based study to online study.

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Human Reading Skills


Reading is regarded as a cognitive process which involves decoding of symbols in order to perceive the meaning of the text. It is a mean of communication that fosters mentation for sharing thoughts and cognizance.

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Top Online Schools with Greatest ROI

ROI-online-schoolsROI (Return on Investment) is a jargon that is getting famous among the students. In this state of economic declines and recession every student seems eager to investigate about the educational returns. A Question that hits the mind of students is: Will our education act as a source of unlocking the hidden treasures of money?

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Most Affordable Online Schools in U.S

The schools listed below are all well-recognized and regionally accredited in U.S. (Approved by U.S. Dept. of Education), ranked in terms of raw affordability. They all provide different degree programs and diverse styles of online education, so it’s better to assess which finest suits requirements.

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