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Recession Proof Professions

Recession proof careers are the ones that stand the test of time. They have shown resilience in the advent of recession and continued with growth through the thick and thin of the economic system.

These jobs continue to pay and attract numbers with no sign of receding. The article will focus on a list of professions that have stood the test; the most noted ones are the healthcare sectors and the education sector. The reason people are concentrating on such careers is the need to have a risk free career, which is free of uncertainties that usually come with other careers. People, these days, largely focus on changing their careers and are going back to school, either to enhance their qualification or change professions in totality.

We will now list the sectors that have shown resilience, in the wake of a recession and instead expect to grow in the coming years. The statistics in this article solely base on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the leading statistics body in the United States and the data available on the Occupational Information Network.

1. Education
The education sector has showed its reliability in terms of job numbers and the numbers reciprocally have gone up over the years. The demand for teachers is likely to soar in the coming five to ten years.
  • Post-secondary teachers - Median salary: $56,120
  • Education Teacher assistants - Median salary: $21,580
  • Educational, vocational, and school counselors - Median salary: $49,450
As of 2008, the total number of jobs in this field amounted to 1,699,000 and is to grow at 14% to 19% in the coming years.

2. Energy
The energy sector surprisingly has survived the recession and expected to grow in the coming years. Many stand astonished because of the projects launched during past two years, which require continuous working teams for their running. This is the foremost reason why we see the sector progress.
  • Power plant operators - Median salary: $56,640
  • Insulation workers - Median salary: $31,280
  • Electrical power-line installers and repairers - Median salary: $52,570
As of 2008, the total number of jobs in this field amounted to 1,091,000 employees and expected to grow at 7 to 13% in the coming years.

3. Environment
Greening and its implications have taken effect, and accepted by the society largely. This is the prime reason why greening and environmental jobs are on the rise. The following statistics will show main trends in the sector.
  • Environmental scientists - Median salary: $58,380
  • Environmental engineers - Median salary: $72,350
  • Hydrologists - Median salary: $68,140
Approximately, there are 250,000 thousand people associated to these professions, but the number is likely to soar due to increasing demand in this sector.

4. Health Care
As said earlier the leading sector in this regard was the health care sector. This is the principal reason we have never witnessed any downsizing in hospitals and other such health care related facility. This sector is to grow in the coming years with progress in every field related to it.
  • Registered nurses - Median salary: $60,010
  • Dental assistants - Median salary: $31,550
  • Medical records and health information technicians - Median salary: $29,290
Approximately more than a million jobs were available for people working in these areas. The statistics presents no sign of residing in the coming years.

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