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Project Managers, always in short supply

Project Spending
Projects are an essential feature in the development of any country. Project spending is the sole source of determining the growth rate of any country. After the first Manhattan project, a series of projects has followed.
The United States alone spends up to a quarter of its 10 trillion dollar GDP on projects that amount to 2.3 trillion US dollars (as of 2003). The world, however, spends around $10 trillion of its 40.7 trillion US dollars on a project on a yearly basis. Such elaborate spending helps us determine the principal reason behind the importance of projects in any country.

Project Manager
A project manager is any person who qualifies in the art of planning, executing, controlling and completing a project as desired by stakeholders. Experts are of the view that managing projects is not a child’s play and talented project managers are hard to come by these days. They believe that unlike other profession project managers require a certain temperament that is usually not there in every person. They need to exercise immense calm; flexibility is another one, besides; they also need to consider all the matrices that can lead to failure or collapse of the project. The project mangers race against time to take projects to completion, while considering quality, time and cost as the three necessary variants.

The profession of project managers is challenging, yet, handsomely paid. As per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of people associated with the profession of project management was around 44 dollars per hour, approximately $92,000 a year. 829,000 people were employed in this profession, with and estimated demand of around 297,000 more jobs opening to be created in the coming years this amounts to a job growth rate of around 13 percent per year from the year 2008 to the year 2018.

Online Schools
A comprehensive list of schools and colleges across the United States and Canada offer a degree in the field of project management. However, students do not undertake the immense potential in these courses and downplay their importance. This is the chief reason why talented project managers are extremely hard to find. The following is a list of few online schools and colleges that offer from Bachelors to a Doctorate degree in project management.

Kaplan University
  • Advanced Start B.S. in Business Administration - Project Management
  • Advanced Start B.S. in Information Technology - Project Management
  • B.S. in Business Administration - Project Management
  • B.S. in Information Technology - Project Management
Strayer University
  • Master of Business Administration - Project Management
Walden University
  • M.S. in Management - Project Management
  • M.S. in Leadership - Project Management
  • M.S. in Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Project Management
Bellevue University
  • Master of Science in Management of Information Systems with a Concentration in IT Project Management.
Capella University
  • MS - Project Management
  • PhD - Information Technology Project Management
  • PhD - Project Management.

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