» » Presumable '2014 Worthful Majors for Pursuing College Degrees'

Presumable '2014 Worthful Majors for Pursuing College Degrees'

Wondering about momentous College Majors for 2014? Check out the following Majors that are likely to be important to pursue.

Earning A College Degree

Earning a college degree can be reckoned as ‘Doing an Investment’ with a prospect of ‘Getting Return on Investment’. According to a report issued by the Center of Education and Workforce (Georgetown University), it is worthful to pursue a college degree, even in the era of economic downturn, as it is plausible that the college degree holders are likely to earn 84% more than the candidates having high school diplomas merely.

According to a report issued by Fidelity® Investments, only 31% of the parents consider the effect of changing majors on the earning potential and job prospects of their children. 

Impact Of Majors On Future Prospects Of Students

Generally, students acquire college degrees in order to secure better job-placements in the market. The demands of different areas of study from market perspectives are likely to fluctuate according to the changing circumstances.  Nevertheless, it can be said that the demands for different majors are also subject to obsolescence. A College Major may possess a certain life cycle (in perspectives of job-market demand) and during its life cycle, it may pass through the stages of Introduction, Growth, Maturity and ultimately Decline stage.

However, it is monumental to scrutinize the choice of Majors on the basis of job prospects and more importantly, the personal aspirations of students.  College Majors chosen on the basis of reasonable sagacity are plausible to allow the students to have thriving futures in their respective areas of study.

Attractive 2014 Majors For Trailing College Degrees

Following are the Majors that can be deemed important to be taken into consideration.

1. Biomedical Engineering - Request FREE Information

Biomedical Engineering can be delineated as the application of the principles of technology and engineering to medical field. It includes application of science and technology to de-stress bodily ailments. Biomedical Engineering is likely to close the prevailing gap between medicine and engineering.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, Biomedical Engineering is plausible to be a rapidly-growing employment field between 2008 and 2018. This area of expertise is complemented with an approximate job-growth rate of 72%.

2. Computer Game Design - Request FREE Information

Computer Game Design is likely to deal with the design and production of games that are meant for the amusement of gamers. The gaming industry has commuted in a colossal manner as games of this era are more realistic and high-profiled.

Software Engineers might savor thriving career opportunities in the field of game design. The career worthiness in this area of expertise is probable to ascend reasonably in 2015 (Market value: $82.4 billion) as compared to 2010 (Market Value: $55.5 billion).

3. Environmental Study - Request FREE Information

With the passage of time people are becoming conscious about environment. Governments and Organizations put in endeavors in order to mitigate the environmental jeopardy.  Environment is subject to depletion owing to the domestic and industrial wastes. It is important to save the environment from hazardous materials in order to uphold the survival of living beings on earth.

In this perspective, the students having College Degrees in Environmental study are plausible to be meritorious for reasonable job-placements in the competitive job-markets.

4. Health Informatics - Request FREE Information

Health Informatics also called as medical or biomedical informatics is a discipline that lies at the junction of healthcare and computer science/information. It deals with the application of technology to public health matters.

According to American Medical Informatics Association, the need for Health Informatics experts is plausible to increase by 50,000 workers owing to the projected shortages of Doctors. In this perspective, health Informatics is likely to an important College Major to excel.

5. Homeland Security - Request FREE Information

Homeland Security can be elucidated as the efforts for securing homeland from terrorist activities. After 9/11, U.S has become heedful towards security issues. Many initiatives have been taken by U.S government for honing its security.

Owing to the colossal need of security required, the Department of U.S homeland security has become active. As a consequence of increasing security needs as deemed by U.S Government, the candidates having studied Homeland Security as a College Major are likely to have good job-placements.

6. Cyber Security/Information Assurance - Request FREE Information

Cyber Security/Information Assurance can be elucidated as the security of digital data from the vulnerability of the attacks of cyber criminals. It is important to secure digital data in order to keep the information safe from leakage or destruction.

Hackers seek to exploit cyber systems/information by using various hacking tools and programming techniques. Hacking may cause serious issues leading to huge losses.

It has been said by a former U.S National Security Agency official that job vacancies for cyber experts have increased “tenfold in the past 10 years”. This makes Cyber Security/Information Assurance an important College Major to be pursued by the students.

7. Nanotechnology - Request FREE Information

Nanotechnology is a branch of study that deals with Nano-structures having sizes between 1 to 100 nanometers at least in one dimension. It includes the study of matter on atomic or molecular scales. Nanotechnology can be applied in other fields as well. For example, nanotechnology, if applied to space science is likely to give vent to new ideas about space systems.

The market worth of this field is presumable to rise to $2.4 trillion worldwide by 2015. It is also estimated that there is likely to be a demand of 2 million workers for this area of expertise by 2020. So, the job-opportunities in this area of expertise are expected to be profuse.

8. Business Administration - Request FREE Information

Business Administration addresses such management activities which are meant for attaining long-term goals and short-term objectives of the business. Proper business management is imperative for the proper execution of business functions, while keeping in pace with the demands or expectations of stakeholders.

It is a vast area of study as it includes the management of various functions of an organization, for example: Accounting, Finance, Audit, Marketing, Research and Development. Etc.

However, in context of integral nature of Business Administration in the proper management of business, job opportunities in this area of expertise are likely to be galore.

9. Public Administration - Request FREE Information

Public Administration can be contoured as the advancement of public policies and management activities, in order to ensure the proper functionality of Government. It entails judicial, legislative, regulatory and administrative activities of Government.

Public Administration can be reckoned as an integral function to be undertaken as without paying proper heed to Public Administration, prosperity of the country is unlikely to be ensured. In this perspective, the candidates having Public Administration degrees and well-grounded proficiencies in Public Administration are likely to relish reasonable job-positions in the Public Sector.

10. Forensic and Criminal Science - Request FREE Information

Forensic and Criminal Science can be described as the application of technology and science for the investigation of civil and criminal cases. Sometimes, criminal activities are undertaken using technology and science. However, in order to investigate about the criminal activities and doers of such high-profile nuisances, it is important to apply the principles of Forensic and Criminal Science.

The gravity of Job-market in the field of Forensic and Criminal Science can be deemed in terms of technicality involved in it as the technical nature of job makes it worthful and high-esteemed.

Nursing LPN, RN, BSN, MSN11. Nursing LPN, RN, BSN, MSN - Request FREE Information

  • Registered nurse (RN): $63,000 per year.
  • Nurse practitioners: $72,710 per year.
  • Licensed Practical Nurses: $43,570 annually.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): 16 Salaries ($52,747 - $94,980)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN): 8 Salaries ($52,903 - $92,368)
  • Associate Degree Nursing (ADN): 6 Salaries ($42,253 - $96,317)

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