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President Obama’s Plans for Education

“If we want America to lead in the 21st century, nothing is more important than giving everyone the best education possible — from the day they start preschool to the day they start their career.”

—President Barack Obama—

Importance of Education for future Development of U.S

In order to nurture the people of America for competitive job markets, education must be deemed imperative—inception of which is implicated with strong school system. Flaunting education as a basic need of every American can be postulated as an important pursuit towards exuberant and benignant future growth prospects.

Obama’s Heedfulness towards Educating America

President Obama seems to be giving due consideration to educational perspectives of America. Various steps have been undertaken by Government for upholding the pace of educational prospects of America.

Following are some of the momentous moves that Obamas’ administration is circumspective towards:

Preparing Kids for success: 

In order to uphold economic development of America, it is peremptory to provide every child with competitive education that is presumable to assist them in notching up success.

President of America has underscored the goal of presenting America as a leader in college completion by 2020. Different reforms have been given consideration by Obama with the intent of providing higher education to all American children.

Prevention of teachers’ layoffs: 

Alleviations in the educational budgets have led educational careers vulnerable to the gruesome risks of layoffs. It is difficult for America to give vent to world class educational systems without having tutors in the classrooms.

Nevertheless, over the past years, President Obama has declared funds to allow teachers to proceed with their respective duties and prevent any layoffs to occur.

Contemporizing American Schools: 

$ 30 Billion have been proposed by Obama for the purpose of contemporizing community colleges and American schools. This huge investment is presumable to hone the conditions of classrooms along with complementing students to better prepare for 21st century careers.

These repairs and construction projects meant for modernizing American Schools are also efficacious for circulating job opportunities related to the career fields of engineering, construction works, repair tasks and electrical works etc.

Modernized educational institutions are also potent for honing health and safety of students and teachers.

Parents Involvement in Education

President Obama has encouraged parents to develop collaborations with the teachers of their children. U.S department of Education has proposed around $270 million for the purpose of complementing parental engagements along with the enhancement of transparency in academic performance reports.

Obamas’ administration is dedicated towards the encouragement of combined responsibility of students, teachers and parents in upholding academic success.

Making colleges more Affordable: 

President Obama and his administration is keen towards making colleges more attainable, accessible and most importantly affordable for all American families. America is on 16th rank amongst other countries in context of certificates and degrees accoladed to students between the ages of 25-34 yrs. This makes America to lag behind Japan, Canada, Korea and other nations. U.S is also a victim of college attainment gap, as members of wealthiest families are more likely to pursue higher education.

According to a gruesome estimation, only half of the school graduates belonging to financially instable families further attend the college. Further alarming situation is the 25% completion rate of low-income college students. President Obama aspires for leading America to produce highest number of college graduates by 2020. In order to accomplish this objective, attainability and accessibility of colleges for all Americans is being heeded upon by Obama and his administration. 

Assisting Middle Class families in bearing college fees

Financial encumbrances of education have skyrocketed over the past few years and this upheaval in costs of education has made it strenuous for American families to invest in higher education. Students have to bear cumbersome onuses of educational loans for fetching their educational expenses.

President has upheaved Pell Grant limit to $5,635, i.e. a $905 increment since 2008 and complementing measure is the escalated numbers of Pell grant recipients.

Expansions in educational Tax credits have also been proposed by President with an estimated 9.4 million students and families being benefited through Tax Credits each year.

Alleviating Educational Costs: 

The president of U.S emphasizes on role plays by federal government, colleges and universities in mitigating educational costs for the purpose of making higher education much affordable.

Policy makers and individual colleges and universities are meant to shoulder the responsibility of mitigating tuition fees. Incentives of around $1 billion have been proposed by president to states for the purpose of sustaining commitments towards higher education.

Strengthening Community colleges:

In the budget of 2013, President Obama has proposed an investment of $8 billion in community colleges with an intention of training workers in highly-demanding fields of dexterities, for example: transportation, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

Based on Obamas’ initiative of American graduation, investment is made in community colleges for equipping Americans with relevant skills that they require for entering the workforce. $500 million has been allotted by Obamas’ administration for the development of programs that give vent to achievement of jobs in highly-skilled fields of proficiencies.


From all the above discussion, it can be educed that President Obama seems to giving due consideration to education and for this purpose different initiatives on multiple fronts have been taken with the prospect of leading America towards the upward mobility of education. Obama is himself of the view that leading America in 21st century is plausibly possible through the provision of best education to Americans.

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