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With the rising natural disasters including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, storm and fire, the government has increased the public safety and security implementation programs. Public safety also includes strategies for counter terrorism threats. Its is a broad term that includes police, firefighters, paramedics, homeland security etc. The main objective is to provide security to the public in case of any natural or individual threats. Professionals can risk their lives for the safety of the public. Pursue a career in public safety requires to be brave enough for providing security to the public and can make strategies for saving lives.

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Why choose online Public Safety Schools?

Online public safety schools provide virtual and simulation based exercises for first hand experience. These trainings offer how one should perform duty upon receiving a bomb threat in a densely populated region along with learning to control the crowd to avoid the chaos. Online schools cover subjects including homeland security, group dynamics, ethics, strategic planning, counter terrorism, emergency management, and human resource. After program completion, students will have an understanding about emergency response, inspections, and welfare of others.

Careers in Public Safety

Online public safety schools also help in finding a career in Homeland Security, Defense Department, Police, fire departments, hospitals, security guards, public event management, and emergency & disaster management. Students will also be able to work as contingency planner, lecturer, trainer in any private sector. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the job growth by 11% from 2008 to 2018 with an average public safety professional earning of $45,000 per year.


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