Online Paralegal Schools offering Accredited Degree Programs

Paralegals assist lawyers in their work, they carry out a few responsibilities as lawyers and study the trials and perform legal researches to ensure that lawyers are aware of all the crucial information. They seek information of laws, record the old law cases in the book and on computers, and prepare reports to help lawyers in their cases. Paralegals also keep track of the records regarding the cases. Some paralegals assist in writing agreements and mortgages; they help to organize income tax returns and other economic papers. They work mostly at offices desks and law libraries. Several accredited online paralegal schools are operating in US. For the working professionals, in particular, they present a tremendous opportunity to earn a higher education degree along with the job.

Online Paralegal Schools offering Accredited Degree Programs

Why Choose Online Paralegal Schools?

Online paralegal schools give a complete outline of the US paralegal system and teach how it has developed over time in the face of circumstances. They inculcate logical and rational thinking abilities in the students. They render students in a position to interplay various events in mind, guide about how to analyze them logically and come up with concrete facts to aid the lawyers, providing them the legal knowledge required working in a wide range of careers.

Online schools develop writing, reading and research skills and enable students to use computers proficiently. For this purpose, they also provide English classes. Online schools offer various subjects including philosophy of law, tort and contract law, introduction to legal writing, evidence and litigation process, legal history, statistics for paralegal studies, advocacy, ethics, practice management and much more. Studying all this will enable a student to draft documents, prepare for a trial, investigate facts, identify relevant information, analyze information, and for other regular tasks.

Paralegal Careers

An accredited online paralegal school also helps in finding career opportunities in private law firms, social security administration, U.S. Department of Justice (the largest employer of paralegals), U.S. Department of the Treasury, corporate legal departments and several other levels of government. One can also own his own businesses or can work as self-employed legal assistant for the lawyers or corporate legal departments. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that paralegals occupied about 263,800 employments in 2008 and the job opportunities to increase by 28% from 2008 to 2018. An average legal service employee earns about $48,790 per year.


Student should consider certain factors before enrolling in an online paralegal school, such as accreditation of the online school, delivery method, and financial assistance programs. AskForEducation shows accredited online paralegal schools and put up the relevant information about each school. However, AskForEducation encourages students to get more information about any school by applying for “Quick info Request”.

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