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Criminal justice as an idea has lived for hundreds of years, as subsequent governments created methods for keeping social control, stopping crimes, and punishing the criminals. Criminal justice includes a broad range of positions regarding law and public safety. The criminal justice is one of the highest increasing careers in the US. Across the country, there is an extreme focus on immigration, law enforcement, security and public safety. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that growth will continue to increase even in the next decade with the projected growth of 10% through the year 2018.

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Why Choose Online Criminal Justice Schools?

Online schools offer many criminal justice courses and training programs along with continuing education programs for the working professionals, who can even continue the job while studying. They offer criminal justice degrees from a certificate level to doctorate level. Online criminal justice schools offer training and education, enabling one to complete graduation with the required knowledge for faster growth in criminal justice career. Criminal justice ensures careers in both crime enforcement and criminal law.

Criminal Justice Careers

Online criminal justice schools enable finding a career in homeland security, law enforcement, immigration, forensics, the paralegal profession. Other career opportunities include working as police and probation officers, attorneys and public defenders, judges, court and public safety administrators, community policing, employment within the public courts or the department of corrections and investigation and prosecution of crimes.

The starting pay scales for various fields in criminal justice can vary from $ 30,000 to $65,000 for career positions in law enforcement (ATF, DEA). Whereas, starting court jobs such as bailiffs or paralegal assistants etc average around $30,000-40,000.

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