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The study of social science encompasses history, sociology, planning, economics, research, political science and human development. Bureau of Statistics has reported that the federal, state, and local government of U.S hires 41% of social scientists every year. In 2006, U.S government hired 18,000 with a 10% growth through the year 2010. The main reason for such a high demand of social scientists by the government is their help in security issues, as social scientists deal with the humans on individual or group level.

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Number of Online Schools and Degrees Offered

Going to online social science schools help students educate themselves in an affordable way and save time. With twenty-one (21) online social schools in United States, all of these schools can be attended or accessed at anytime, anywhere straight from the comfort of one’s home. Online social sciences programs in the U.S offer education on the American politics and law, global economy, cognitive development, and the Chinese revolution.

Careers in Social Sciences

Most of the online social sciences programs also provide training and research techniques in statistics. Such versatility in these courses, make social scientists start a career as teachers, professors, or researchers. Others can get jobs in corporations, non-profit organizations, or governments, where they can use their knowledge to guide leaders, create policy, or work honestly with personnel.

Students with an education from online social science schools can find themselves in careers related to archaeology, economics, anthropology, psychology, and sociology and many more. The students who have attended online social schools are more likely to attract attention in the business community, or with extra education become lawyers.

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