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The most popular fields in engineering, which experience high demand levels, include Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical /Electronic and Computer Engineering. The job outlook for engineering also looks terrific, with the BLS forecasting an average to above-average growth in the number of engineering jobs (although more in some areas such as computing, than others such as Aerospace). Engineering is a vast field with lucrative and rewarding careers. It involves the application of theories and principles to real world problems and the various areas in engineering study involve different types of sciences and mathematics. In the US alone, more than 1.8 million engineers were employed by 2008.

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Engineering Study

Engineers practice the laws of science and mathematics. They have knowledge of all the discoveries and inventions occurred in the field, and use their knowledge to solve the technical problems. In the commercial field, they attempt to create products in line with the requirements of the customers. They help companies bring innovation to the product and services. An engineer has to be creative enough to make the most of his expertise. Most of the engineers secure higher education degrees and enter the field and as soon as they earn a reasonable amount of experience they become an unavoidable need of the organization.

Why Choose Online Engineering School?

Online engineering schools offer engineering degrees at all levels from a certificate or diploma to a PhD or doctorate. This enables the student to study math, science, design and concentrated course. Concentration courses consist of mechanical, biomedical, chemical, electrical, petroleum and aerospace engineering. Besides these, other subjects including industrial, marine, environmental, health, nuclear, electronics, civil, computer and agricultural engineering. A few online schools provide a blended format of the practical lab work and theoretical research, which help students learn a broad range of hands on abilities that can be applied in project management.

Careers Prospectus of Engineering

According to the U.S Bureau of labor Statistics, the overall job openings for engineering are increasing by 11% from 2008 to 2018, which is much faster than all other occupations. Biomedical engineering is expecting faster growth, and civil engineers will experience the largest job opportunities. The average salary of engineers is about $81,085 to $126,788 per year.


Completing an engineering degree online is a practical idea for prospective students to remain in the workforce without having to change daily schedules. There are many areas to explore when pursuing an engineering degree online. AskForEducation has complied a list of accredited online engineering programs, offered by reputed online schools, to signify the salient features such as financial aid, teaching methodologies, delivery format, academic calendar, credit transfer and location.

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