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Ever since, man has taken to the skies, the imagination of billions of people has turned towards the freedom of flight and the great-unknown vastness of space. The art and science of building heavier than air, machines have evolved and come a considerable distance from wooden frames and wire-and-lever transmission to the sophisticated fly by wire and stealth technologies of today. Aviation or aerospace engineering is the name of the discipline that studies and applies practical sciences to the building of vehicles for flight and systems to maintain /navigate flight. Aerospace Engineering is a vast field in itself; encompassing many areas of flight related engineering and the production of flight components. Aerospace/Aviation engineer who work on airline or military projects for aircraft such as fighter jets and airliners is an aeronautical engineer. Hired by armed services (army, navy, air force and marines) as well as private defense contractors (civilian contractors, and airlines). Engineers who specialize in space flight and related fields are astronautical engineers. There are many fields of expertise within the aerospace engineering including structure design, rocket and missile technology, aircraft propulsion, navigation electronics, celestial mechanics, thermodynamics and many more.

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Pre-requisite for Joining an Aviation Program

To become a pilot requires possessing certain personality traits such as sharp eye sight, excellent judgment, proactive attitude, and most importantly an aptitude for the field. Aviation as a field is a dream for many students but only few get there for only few students come up to the criteria. The field of aviation entails design, construction, maintenance and flying of aircrafts for marketing, private or professional use. The fundamental requirements of the field require to be daring, adventurous, and audacious enough, and one should always be prepared for any eventuality. Half-hearted timid hardly find success in the field. For those with a dream to be in the aviation field and wanting to get higher education degrees, online aviation schools can be of serious help.

Why Choose Online Aviation Schools

Online aviation schools are offering aviation degrees at all levels from a high school diploma to the PhD or doctorate. These schools provide a combined course of science and technology to enhance expertise in aircraft and aviation flight technology, aviation management, the entire engineering and several other features. This will also provide access to a variety of specializations in aviation fields such as air transport, military aviation, air traffic control, environmental effect and civil aviation, structure design, rocket and missile technology, aircraft propulsion, navigation electronics, celestial mechanics, thermodynamics and many more.

Online aviation education can ensure faster career growth and can help in switching to other jobs, and most importantly can help in renewing the typical licenses. As during professional life one hardly finds time to study especially when it imposes strict scheduling and too many formalities, online aviation schools can help one manage work responsibilities alongside education and family.

An online degree is easy on the students who do not have the resources and time available in their schedule to fit in regular lectures and classes. Students can pick their own study times and access content via the internet, reducing any need to travel physically to a campus. The web 2.0 content is also more comprehensive and provides an effective and powerful learning tool.

Careers Prospects of Aviation Degree

Online aviation schools can help in finding a career in aircraft mechanics, cabin crew, maintenance line, quality and safety, fraud prevention, aviation planning and design, cargo handling and air traffic control, to name a few. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of an aircraft technician was about $ 51,390 per year in May 2008 while airline pilots earned an average salary of $111,680 per annum. The job opportunities in this field are increasing by 12% through 2008 to 2018.


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