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About RN to MSN

If you're a registered nurse working in the US, and are looking to enhance your knowledge and skill-set in order to pursue more challenging positions in the healthcare profession, there are a number of academic and practical programs offered by various institutions throughout the country. One of the major upgrades in the field is the MSN degree, which not only provides numerous opportunities to excel in the areas that you specialize in but also opens various new routes in the ever growing field of medical administration.

Though extensive and highly challenging, the MSN degree is very rewarding upon completion. According to statistics by PayScale, as of October 2013, personnel in the healthcare profession equipped with the MSN degree earn from $47,336 up to $91,603 a year within the United States. The number of students and professionals attaining MSN degree is increasing every year.

How to get an online MSN degree

To acquire a Masters degree in Science Nursing, you will need to be a licensed RN, have a bachelor's degree in nursing science (BSN) with a minimum GPA and GRE score, and experience in a practical medical institution. The par scores vary according to the college you plan to attend and particular profession that you intend to pursue after success completion. A typical MSN program spans across one-and-half to two years. One can also get into an MSN program from a preliminary requirement of a BSN degree by entering into a three-year program offered by some institutions. This program will include basic training in nursing for the first year.

There are several institutions throughout the United States that offer MSN degree programs for registered nurses, including high ranking universities like Walden University, University of Phoenix and Vanderbilt University. Enlisted and many other universities also offer authentic certified programs that can be enrolled into using their online systems. Education via these online systems can be highly practical for nurses already working in the field, since these lectures can be taken to suite the candidate's schedule, which can be highly non-uniform given the challenging nature of the profession.

MSN Career

Once you get into an MSN program you will be required to clear some standard courses after which there are several areas of specialty you can opt for. Most commonly, there are four areas that candidates are particular about: Nurse Practitioner (NP), Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). Each of these specialties hold their respective sets of courses required to complete the MSN degree and lead to their separate lines of practical work.

Once you've earned the MSN degree the opportunities are endless. You can work as a general nurse in a hospital, as an assistant to a Physician, as an independent practitioner or as an academic instructor in medical institutions. Regardless of the line of work you choose, with the qualification of an advanced degree like MSN, applicants are eligible for high ranking positions with satisfying salary and important responsibilities.

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