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About Registered Nursing to Bachelor of Science Nursing

According to a survey conducted by CDC, the highest pay scales of the nursing domains are commanded by Registered Nurses. With around $52,000 of median pay, RN’s occupy majority of the healthcare jobs. For aspiring nurses, advancing from RN to BSN can prove to be even more useful in advancing in the field. First of all, RN to BSN degree enables the continual educational nursing process. The degree also lands the nurses on a platform where completing their MS in Nursing becomes easier.

A normal RN to BSN degree is of eighteen months; however some institutes offer an accelerated RN to BSN program which ends in a total of thirteen months. The students planning to opt for an RN to BSN degree are required to provide documented proof of around 1000 hours of health care practice which must be of three years or more prior to the year of joining the program. A lot of focus is laid on academics in an RN to BSN curriculum. Many allied courses such as Sociology, Psychology and Human Growth and Development are included as well. This enables the nurses to opt for better positions in healthcare units.

Why Opt For Online RN to BSN?

Every LPN aspires to opt for the RN to BSN program in order to make their future brighter with a wider scope. Often people mistake Diploma in Nursing to be the same as BSN, although it is not. After completing your BSN, you can opt for a Masters degree; however with a diploma it isn't possible. After completion of this degree you can either continue working in a professional health care environment or start teaching. Many research companies as well as organizations are always looking for professional nurses as well.

Hence, Nursing isn't always related to healthcare environments and patient care. You can take the path of teaching or research as well. Since completion of BSN opens several doors for the nurses, the students immediately opt for it after they complete their Diploma. With continuously increasing demand of nurses in the professional health units, Nursing is becoming even more of a career in demand.

There has been a major shortage of nurses in the field within the United States. This draught is expected to increase further and reach dangerous mark by the year 2015. Hence, the country needs more people getting into the field. Because of this, the nurses are provided with several special benefits and have high pay. Nurses get to have timings flexibility since there is a shift system followed everywhere. From an entry level nurse, you can move on to practitioner nursing as well as to educational institutes as lecturer. Moving further ahead, there are Nursing Managers as well. With a better degree you will have more chance to take up a managerial post.

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