LPN to BSN Online - Licensed Practical / Vocational Nursing to BSN

LPN to BSN Online - Licensed Practical / Vocational Nursing to BSN

Licensed Practical Nursing to Bachelor of Science Nursing

Within the United States of America and Canada, nursing is becoming one of the growing careers. Because of the providence of a steady and stable income, along with advancement opportunities, the nursing schools are having a tough time handling all the qualified applicants. A nurse plays a vital role in a professional healthcare environment, hence the demand is high and nursing has become among the most famous career choices of the day. Usually, the prerequisites for entering a nursing school depend on the school itself, with more required courses in baccalaureate programs, in general than in associate degree ones. A typical nursing course consists of subjects such as Physiology, Anatomy, Psychology, Pharmacology, Ethics and Medication.

What is an LPN/LVN to BSN Program?

There are several options to consider if you are an aspiring nurse. LPN to BSN is famous because of the fact that it enables the students to advance their education as well as career. If you are already working as an LPN, you must be considering moving on to RN, and LPN-BSN program happens to be the next major step that you must take. Even through Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse is a great way to start the nursing career, there is always room for advancement. Obtaining a BSN degree opens up various new doors in the vast field of nursing care.

Things to Consider Before Opting For Online LPN to BSN Program

  • Before you opt for this specific program, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. First of all, consider your long term career goals. Although a BSN degree is going to open various new doors for you, and is likely to lead to a higher pay, it also isn't necessary that you work in every healthcare niche that are of interest to you. Before actually taking the leap, it is good to consider your long term plans; there may be shorter paths to your objective.
  • A regular LPN to BSN program may last from two years to four years. Mainly it depends on your regularity. The classes are organized online to facilitate the student’s schedule, for most of the students opting for an LPN to BSN degree are already working full time. Hence, it is important to mark your calendar and determine the timeline for finishing school.
  • It might sound obvious, however many students overlook the fact that they are not meeting the admission requirements for an online LPN to BSN program. LPN schooling along with work experience will satisfy some requirements, but not all. You might need to take some additional courses in order to become eligible to enroll.
  • Last, but among the most important of the points – you should make sure that the LPN to BSN program that you are considering is accredited by either CCNE or NLNAC. Ensuring that the educational institute you are enrolling in complies with all the regulations and requirements of these higher bodies will certainly guarantee that your earned degree is recognized by your future employers all across the country.

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