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About Licensed Practical Nursing and Licensed Vocational Nursing

Nursing is among the emerging professions in the medical fraternity today. In a professional medical team, a nurse plays a vital role. With the rising number of takers, programs such as LVN and LPN are gaining popularity. Especially in the United States, and further in California, it is said that the state has highest educational standards for certifications in LVN and LPN programs.

Difference Between LVN and LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse is the entry level certification of nursing profession. The people with this certificate are utilized within the United States, Canada and several other countries in order to provide basic health care to patients, within clinical settings as well as privately. Licensed Vocational Nurse certificate enables you to do exactly the same. This brings us down to the question; what exactly is the difference between LVN and LPN? Answer to that is, other than some geographical locations involvement, none at all. The US’s Texas and California Board of Nursing refers to basic nurses as Licensed Vocational Nurses, while in the rest of the 48 states, they are called Licensed Practical Nurses.

Introduction to Online LVN/LPN

Licensed Practical Nursing program usually consists of three classroom semesters. Apart from classroom and general university environment, the students also get the chance to experience working in a hospital environment during the clinical hours. The students also get to perform basic nursing procedures under expert supervision. Other skills that they get to learn in an LPN classroom include:
  • Disease Management
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Medical and Surgical Nursing
The general tasks assigned to an LPN in a professional environment vary from both employer as well as the state.

LPN Requirements

Students wanting to adopt nursing as a profession require an LPN certificate. Aspiring nurses require GED or a high school diploma to enter into an LPN training program. The certificate is usually a year long, and all community colleges, vocational and technical schools offer it. However, the most authentic degree programs will be the ones accredited by Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Apart from the general theoretical course, the LPN’s training is carried out in clinical rotations as well. Since the policies of the employers as well as job duties vary a lot, the training is mostly held at workplaces under supervision. This training period may last for several weeks.

LPN Certification and Role

A Licensed Practical Nurse is approved by the state in which they are to practice. In order to provide the license, the state may require proof of education as well as background checks. Every student has to pass the National Council of State Boards of Nursing exam in order to be certified.

A successful Licensed Practical Nurse should have devotion as well as physical strength. Endurance and flexibility in order to meet the tough job routine is very necessary. There is a wide scope in the field of nursing, and those desiring a better position and higher salary in the field can move on to the RN degree as well.

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