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What is a Forensic Nurse?

Forensic Nursing is amongst the new aspects of the vast nursing field. With television shows such as The Forensic Files and CSI, the people get the idea of a forensic nurse as a kind of detective out for medical evidence on the murder scene.

Simply, a forensic nurse is a professional who bridges that gap between the law enforcement and health care. The job of such a nurse is to take care of the victims of trauma and investigate medically into the criminal events and cases which end up in death due to some traumatic criminal act. Such nurses are trained to assist patients who have gone through traumatic criminal assault and help them recover emotionally and physically. They are also specially trained in collecting forensic evidence during the treatment of the patient’s wounds. A forensic nurse’ job is highly crucial as well as delicate.

Courses Being Offered In Online Forensic Nursing & Employment

The forensic nursing program of CSU is the only one currently available in the region. According to statistics by Vida Lock, out of every 84 students who have completed Masters in Nursing, 26 are on the track of forensic nursing. Most of these professionals are working in or with hospitals, jails and correction departments. These professionals also have the option of working as private consultants independently for insurance companies or law enforcement agencies. The pay scale varies from region to region, however a forensic nurse earns more than a registered nurse, mainly because of a higher degree in education.

Forensic Nursing Education & Work Environment

Forensic nursing education is different from other nursing degrees because a student who gets enrolled for this program gets to have in-depth knowledge of law enforcement, connection of law and medicine, mental health, judicial systems and forensic sciences. Apart from the basic theory that is provided during these courses, the students are also made familiar with the real world forensic nursing aspects with legal systems and law enforcement.

A forensic nurse gets to work with patients who are victims of domestic violence, rape, pediatric trauma, sexual assault and other traumatic and violent events. They often get to work in law enforcement agencies and prisons apart from the hospitals in order to collect documented evidence. They also provide aid in a criminal scene investigation and can also bring testimony in the court to help police in catching as well as convicting criminals.

Challenges Faced By a Forensic Nurse

Like every profession, there are some challenges that a forensic nurse might have to face. A forensic nurse gets to work in upsetting and chaotic events where he/she is required to stay calm and focused, not only for the care of the victims but also for the evidence gathering procedure. They also need to be able to provide comfort to the victims while at the same time they are to thoroughly exams the patient and event. This is even more difficult a job because many victims do not find it comfortable to come forward to a stranger.

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