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Medical informatics being a new field of study is still in its early phases to be understood by everyone. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information, medical informatics is the field focusing on acquiring, storing and using healthcare information. The main purpose of this field is to manage medical information using information technology including digital libraries, digital imaging system, telemedicine and much more. This field is a combined usage of information technology, librarian and medical Information. The responsibility of a medical informatics expert is to provide medical journals, maintain medical database, electronic medical record, health information exchange, health information management, and update information regarding latest medical practices into the databases so that they may be accessed as guidelines by fresh medical graduates.

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Online Medical Informatics schools

Online medical informatics schools can help educate quickly and in an affordable way. The study of medical informatics focuses on computer science, cognitive sciences, social sciences, clinical sciences and information sciences. Medical informatics programs also train students on generating medical journals, and to manage database security. Professionals with this degree can learn on how to keep electronic health, medical records, understand health information management, and health information exchange.

Medical Informatics Careers

Medical informatics experts will find themselves involved in jobs such as a medical librarian, hospital record manager, or any other related field, which requires medical application of computers and medical science.


While selecting an online school, students have to make sure to verify the school accreditation to make sure that they are working for something that will eventually pay off. There are several diploma mill cases out there. To overcome all these issues, AskforEducation has compiled a list of accredited online medical informatics school along with the detail on each school. However, students should apply for “Quick info Request” for more detail.

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