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Busy schedule of the doctors brings the need to have people who can help doctors accomplish their work efficiently and effectively. Hence, there exists a need for medical and dental assistants. Both perform similar activities, but they differ only in a way that medical assistants assist doctors who work for general body health, whereas dental assistants assist doctors who specially deal with teeth treatment. They aid doctors in disinfecting tools, preparing patients for medical examination, administering medicines in case of hospitalization, and maintaining records. In some cases, they communicate doctors about patients. It requires formal education to become a medical or dental assistant.

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Role of Medical & Dental Assistants

The role of Medical and dental assistants is extremely critical as they help doctors function easily. With their active and timely response, medical and dental assistants facilitate doctors concentrate on matters of grave concern to patients. Assistants have to respond timely, to be an expert in situation analysis. Online medical and dental assistant schools train people for that.

Why Online Schools for Medical and Dental Assistant Degree?

Online schools understand the requirements and design their curriculum accordingly. Online Schools educate about the situations one is going to face so often. Online schools employ veterans of the field who provide their input to the students. While studying at an online school, one can also continue the job. Online medical assistant schools, cover subjects of medical terminology, human anatomy, communication, fundamental, medical law, instruments & equipments, blood sampling, and various other general medical subjects.

Contrarily, online dental assistant schools cover subjects of dental material, business management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) & first aid, head & neck composition, tooth morphology, oral pathology, and many other subjects related to the dental field. Remember, medical or dental assistant education does not allow performing medical practice under the law. One can only work as an assistant under doctors when one holds the license to perform medical practice.

Medical & Dental Assistant Careers

After attending online medical and dental assistant schools, one can work as an assistant to a medical doctor or to a dental doctor in a hospital or clinic. Beside hospitals, one also can work under army doctors or maritime doctors. A medical or dental assistant earns on average $30,000 to $35,000 per year respectively. As the health care industry grows, more medical and dental assistants are in need. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports jobs for medical and dental assistants will rise by 34% and 36% respectively until 2018.


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