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According to the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, by the year 2050, people above the age 65 will rise from 35 million to 90 million, whereas people over the age 85 will rise from 5.3 million to around 21 million. Substantial aged population points to the fact that people who know societal, biological, and psychosomatic phases of the aging process will be high in demand. Gerontologists help aged people stay healthy and active. The job of a gerontologist is not just seeing people recovered from illness, but aiding them in re-entering the life and helping them participate in various activities of life proactively. A proper education is a must for this before starting a professional career. For a better understanding of the field, students should enroll in a school that employs a comprehensive curriculum and reliable teaching methodology.

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About Gerontology

Before enrolling in gerontology degree, one must understand the nature of the profession. One must keep in mind that dealing with old requires an abundance of patience and understanding of the psychology of the aged. One should listen to the mentors of the field to get the best idea of the field. Therefore, the schools providing such environment are the best options. It is quite possible that one is doing a job, and do not want to quit it because campus schools do not allow one to do so. The solution to this problem is online gerontology schools.

Why Online Gerontology Schools?

Online schools not only employ quality teachers, but also they cost less and impart quality education. One does not need to leave the job for gerontology degrees; instead, one can enroll in online school, follow the online lectures, act upon the instructions, and eventually, pass the exams. Online gerontology schools offer foundation courses such as biology of aging, introduction to aging, services & programs for the aging people, and development & care training for the aged.

Gerontology Careers

Main job opportunities lie in health care facilities, after completing education. Other relevant fields’ job opportunities include a social worker, personal aides, university lecturer in gerontology, gerontology nurses, physical therapists and counselors. Gerontology related jobs are to rise by 35% until 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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