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A skin care professional keeps people fit in their looks, health and hygiene through the expertise and knowledge about treating different skins. Different people with different skin problems get treated by facials, extraction, facial massage and make-up. The government requires a license to work as a professional. Good repute in the field comes with strong credentials. Therefore, a degree from an online Esthetics/Skin Care schools can be of significant advantage. Theory and practice are mandatory to be a licensed skin care specialist.  Learn from the experience of others, stay in touch with the new trends and know what people want. More knowledge of the field, more comfortably can the client be dealt. This is so because knowledge instills the ability to understand the requirements of clients holistically and in turn lets the client's trust the experts.  Online schools understand what it takes to be a skin care specialist.

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Why Online Esthetics & Skin Care Schools?

Online schools not only give theoretical knowledge, they even get students to practice what they learn. Their curriculum design gets updated, regularly. Attaining a degree from an online school means paying lesser fees and studying at personalized timing and enjoying innovative techniques for imparting education. Online skin care schools divide the courses in theory and practical work. Theoretical portion consists of plastic surgery procedures, advanced hair removal, skin cares basics, and skin physiology,  whereas the practical portion consists of makeup, spa management, Microcurrent techniques, facials, and much more.

Esthetics & Skin Care Careers

"Esthetics and Skin Care" degree from an online school prepares for careers such as working in a Spa, beauty salon, as a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or in wedding agencies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there could be a 38% increase in jobs related to skin care specialists. On average, a skin care specialist can earn up to $13.81 per hour.


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