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Selecting the right course for higher studies is extremely difficult task for many students. Many fear that they may not like the subjects at the end or may find them hard to study. Resultantly students mainly prefer going for studies based on broader education, which focuses on many different types of subjects at the same time. This gives way to an education known as General Education. Its aim is to educate students in various fields rather than one field. General Education introduces students to a wide variety of subjects at a higher level so that they may easily choose one as their major. Students can take an overview of the subjects by having a conversation with professionals, and consultants, or even by visiting schools conducting the said degrees in-order to have a clear idea about the available opportunities. While working at a certain place, one cannot continue campus-based education but opportunities to continue studies are still there.  Online schools give an opportunity to continue the job with education at a remarkably low cost. Apart from this, accredited online schools bring curriculum for teaching the students after doing proper market research and getting experts' approval.

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Why Online Schools for General Education?

Online schools take the time to analyze the problems students face and as such train teachers to mold their styles as per the needs of the students. Online schools mainly undertake subjects of English, computer science, mathematics, history, science, arts and many more. They lay emphasize on helping cultivate students’ talent. They operate in a way springing up the students’ talent and then students know what they can be best for.

General Education Careers

After graduating from online general education school, one can pursue the careers of teacher at the elementary school, teacher at the high school, counselor or principal. A counselor can earn $46,000 on an average annually and similarly a principal can earn $82,000 per year, and a teacher can make between $46,000 and $50,000 annually.  Careers mentioned are to grow by 12% from 2006 to 2016*.


Listed below is a list of accredited online schools offering general education along with detailed information on each school. Students should make sure to go through the information before finalizing any school. However, AskForEducation facilitates to get more information about a school by applying for “Quick info Request” *Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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