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With the worldwide globalization, one language that has become common on all platforms across the globe is English. It is the primary language or mother tongue of main countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States. Almost every country, along with speaking own primary language, uses English as its official or secondary language. English used as a language by around 17.65% of the world population making it 3rd most spoken language. According to Internet World stats, around 536.3 million or 43.4% of internet users speak or use English over the internet. English is the prime medium of communication internationally. This has made many countries adopt English as their secondary language and to speak and understand English. The need for professionals teaching English as Secondary Language is unusually high. English has gained much importance due to usage as a language in media, politics, business and casual communications across the globe.

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Why Online Schools for English as a Second Language (ESL)?

Because of the fact that the English language is the growing medium of communication internationally, many teachers wish to teach English as a second language. Those instructors and teachers who wish to do so can enroll in online ESL schools and can save time and cost. The main subjects taught in online ESL schools include general language orientation, ESL Lessons for beginners, ESL lessons for intermediates, and ESL for illiterate adults.

With the completion of studies at online ESL schools, one can teach English language to those not having English as their primary language. This will enable one to teach pronunciation, use of grammar and also teaching English to the ones who have never experienced any form of education.

ESL Careers

Attending online ESL schools may help one find a job as an English instructor, writer, English test and exam developer or an English learning software developer.


Following is a list of accredited online English as a Second Language (ESL) schools. AskForEducation explains each online school, attempting to provide all the relevant facts for students to make an informed decision about the future. However, students should apply for “Quick info Request” for more information about selected school.

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