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Counseling and Guidance as a profession is for those having an understanding of the education system and have an urge to guide others in selecting better career paths. The duty of a school counselor is to work out student problems and devise solutions providing students tips and guidance to be followed for a better future. This is possible only by knowing the social background, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation of the students, and then recognizing and addressing the factors that may be affecting their lives. The future of the students depends on these counselors and a better-trained counselor can offer better advices and guidance and hence can play a vital role in shaping the future of students.

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Why Online Schools for Degrees in Counseling and Guidance

Today’s counseling has changed a lot as schools have to manage students from diverse backgrounds, and new societal issues are key factors that have led to the change. However, the basics of counseling remain the same, which includes academic guidance, college guidance, social and personal guidance, curriculum management and career guidance. For a student to enter an online counseling and guidance school, they must have experience in the field of education and must have the will to guide and advise students with their future. Online counseling and guidance schools cover the subjects of communication skills, ethics, theories of counseling, assessment and program evaluation and clinical work.

Counseling and Guidance Careers

Attending online counseling and guidance schools enables a student to work as a counselor for public or private school at elementary, middle or high level. Job opportunities in private and public schools are also available. The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) for the year 2006, states, that a school counselor earns on an average $53,750. Public school counselors get paid more than other counselors.


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