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Ever wonder how internet came into being? How telephone inspired the networking technology without which we hardly image communication and living? An old high school computer lab, online games, even the mobile devices used to connect with your friends – are all examples of networking. The internet, in fact, is a giant network of computers; anything we see online exists on some computer network somewhere in the world. Networking program from an online school specialization in both hardware and software elements of networking. Networking involved designing how computers communicate and transfer data with each other. Degree holders at any level typically start as network administrators or assistant trained administrators to set up and maintain LAN (Local Area Networks) and WAN networks (Wide Area Networks citywide setups for corporations). Another lucrative area is MIS (Management of Information Systems): This typically entails building and supporting network and info systems and includes the design and maintenance of specialized networks system to fulfill the information needs of companies. Network administrators perform daily tasks to ensure that the networks remain accessible to users and to fix any issues. They also define new users, maintain e-mail systems, back-up company data regularly and analyze / fix bugs on a daily basis.

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Why Online Schools for Degrees in Networks?

Online schools offer diverse networking programs, ranging from an associate, bachelor to a master degree program along with popular networking certificates by CISCO (CCNA, CCNP). Working professionals normally opt continuing education programs to enhance skill set and to keep up with the job market. Networking professionals have to keep pace with the changing requirements of management. They have to design, support and maintain specialized networking systems. With a prior knowledge and analysis of field requirements, online schools devise strategies to instill expertise in the students.

Career in Networking

A Degree in Networking can lead to many lucrative career opportunities and has massive potential for further growth. The number of jobs in computer networking for all levels is increasing at 23% per year, with degree holders in networking commanding a starting salary in the range of $36,000 to $135,000 depending on work experience, technical ability (such as network security expertise) and the place of employment.


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