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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most jobs available within the next decade in West Virginia will require a qualification higher than high school. Moreover, most of the higher paying jobs expected in the tourism and technology areas will require at least an associate degree for starting positions and a bachelor’s degree for executive positions. Therefore, higher education is the key for many young workers and professionals for career success. However, due to recession and the budget cuts, most state schools and privately funded institutions have to increase tuition fees making it difficult for students to pursue higher education. Meanwhile, online schools in West Virginia have emerged as an alternative for those who cannot afford the cost of a campus based programs or who are too busy to attend a full time study program. Online education offers students flexible timings allowing them to keep their jobs. The cost of an online course can be half of what it would cost in a campus-based school. Furthermore, students do not need to travel a lot as online schools allow those living in remote areas to complete a degree or course via the internet from their own homes.

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West Virginia's Economy in Perspective

West Virginia is abundant in many natural resources, with a booming industry in timber, technology, scientific exploration, services and hospitality sectors along with its traditional coal mining industry.

Although the mining and clean energy sectors have traditionally been dominant, industries such as technology, tourism, hospitality and recreation have taken the lead now and will create thousands of new jobs in the coming years. Moreover, aerospace, healthcare, financial and IT sectors are also showing encouraging signs as the state economy recovers from the recessionary effects.

Online Schools in the state of West Virginia

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