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As per the CNBC’s ranking of the states, the state of Washington stands at an excellent number 5th ranking with respect to technology and innovation. Positive prospects in technology, services and manufacturing sectors in Washington explain the need for specialized education for getting jobs in these sectors. Securing lucrative jobs require prospective students to possess an associate, bachelor, specialized training, or a diploma certificate in any area of expertise. Gaining qualification requires times money, especially when tuition fees are spiking. Alternatives such as accredited online schools in Washington can ensure better employment and career oriented jobs with growth opportunities. Online schools allow students to choose the study hours of their choice and complete most of the coursework (if not all) via the internet. This flexibility allows career professionals or part timers to continue jobs, build careers, and study while being able to pay for education.

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Washington's Economy in view

Washington is home to the largest manufacturing industries of the state including hydro electricity, high tech military, commercial aircraft, automobiles, computer CDs. Moreover, the state houses one of the biggest hydro electricity systems in the US and commands a tremendous reputation.

Services industries, food processing, finance, and software development are widespread in the state, along with tourism and healthcare industry. In addition, lumber, metals and mining industries also constitute a part of the economy of Washington. Moreover, the globally known companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks and Boeing are operating in Washington.

Online Schools in Washington

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