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Occupations expected to experience tremendous growth in the future includes health aides, software engineers (systems software and applications), personal care aides, and epidemiologist*1. This means, students with the requisite qualifications will enjoy high paying jobs and health career growth.The state government, which is the biggest employer in the state, has changed its employment criteria and largely looking for people with higher education degrees. Unfortunately, many students have to relinquish the pursuit of higher education degrees owing to a number of factors such as high tuition fees, rigid study schedule and lesser numbers of seats in the campus-based schools. Despite the advent of online schools, most of the students faces troubling issues due to the lack of career guidance.Commitment to quality education at the maximum convenience for students, least tuition charges and flexible study hours are the hallmark of online schools. Those students working in the job market can significantly benefit from the facility of online education in Virginia.

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Virginia's Economy in View

The state of Virginia constitutes an extremely diverse economy and has many sectors to contribute to the state’s GDP, including agricultural, soft technology, manufacturing and presence of military.

Virginia’s economy has shifted from mining and agriculture towards technology, communications and e-commerce in the last decade. This results in a rising concentration of technology workers, need for more technical labor, and business executives. Diverse set of business and federal activities taking place within the state, which results in a high growth rate, excellent prospects in the services, technology, and financial sectors. However, high paying jobs in these sectors require post secondary degrees or vocational certification, which is a financially a tough task for many students.

Online Schools of Virginia

AskForEducation has presented below the accredited online schools operating in the state of Virginia. The students desiring to make the comparative analysis of the schools can do so by going through the information presented. Apply for the "quick info request” for more information about any online school.

*1) Career Ones Stop: careeronestop.org

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