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Students longing for higher education face a troubling dilemma constrained by the requirements of campus-based schools such as the strict study schedule, high tuition charges and a lesser number of seats. Pressure to earn money increases with the growing age. Therefore, an educational system ensuring flexible study timing, lesser tuition fees and requiring least transportation has become a necessity, enabling students to continue their jobs as well as pursue a high level degree to secure a better future. In this situation, online schools are the best answer where fully online and blended format degrees are available in almost all the fields. Only the internet facility is the requirement; students can complete lectures and can pass the exams by sitting home.

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Rhode Island's Economic Outlook & Higher Education

Hosting a large financial sector, the state of Rhode Island boasts historic Blackstone river valley, bays, docks and vital inlets. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US but hosts the largest proportion of water beneath its territory. Fishing and other seafood industries are thriving in Rhode Island. In comparison to other states, its economic outlook is dismal as indicated its CNBC ranking that puts it at the low 49th position.

Manufacturing and textile have been dominant traditionally, but now the job concentration in the state has shifted to service industries such as education, healthcare and shipping services. Along with this, the tourism is also emerging as one of the fastest job producing sectors in Rhode Island. Although the quality of education is finest, high tuition fees discourage many from pursuing higher education. State’s Labor Dept predicts that jobs demanding higher education degrees shall increase significantly in the future. Therefore, higher education is a prerequisite for your career success.

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