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Budget cuts in Pennsylvania lessened the budget for the education sector. As a result, many schools had to cut down scholarships and grants. Even some schools withdrew the degrees for which funding was not forthcoming. Many students suffered and had reluctantly to switch to other degrees and hence had to compromise over their talent by studying uninterested degrees. Under the given scenario, online schools have emerged as the silver lining conducting degrees in comprehensive fields and charging lesser tuition fees and in turn allowing students to pursue the degrees consistent with their talent. Furthermore, to ensure the quality of education, online schools conduct a rigorous review of the market trends and incorporate changes to curriculum to design the most effective teaching methodology.

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Pennsylvania's Economy in view

Pennsylvania is popular for its agricultural and livestock production. Historically, the financial sector has been one of the established sectors in Pennsylvania. Both, the economy and population are growing. The state earns the sixth highest GDP among the states indicating immense economic prospects for businesses. Moreover, present trends in the job market testify that requirements for highly educated professionals in the state are higher more than ever before.

Urban manufacturing sectors are sprouting up all around the state with agriculture ensuring high profits to the residents. Because of an established agriculture sector, food-processing industry is flourishing. Two of the largest cities, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia host around 14 fortune 500 companies including enormous industrial giants such as HJ Heinz and US Steel.

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