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Fortunately, the unemployment rate and crime rate in North Dakota are far lower than the national average. Since 2000, the per capita income has doubled in the state showing economic growth and increase in spending power of the people. However, access to educational opportunities is not easy in the state. The state is not densely populated, and students have to travel to attend distant schools for conducting degrees of their choice. Online schools answer all these concerns, as they require no travelling and undertake degrees in many fields. Now degrees offered in other US states can easily be achieved from the convenience of home.

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North Dakota's Economy in perspective

The economy of North Dakota rests mainly on agriculture. Recently, petroleum and food processing industries have also shown promising growth. Furthermore, the low population, reasonable cost of living, and positive community life make the state an ideal place for living. Consistent rise in per-capita income along with the factors mentioned above make the state an ideal place for doing business.

The economy of the state of North Dakota is stabilizing which results in new job opportunities. Especially areas such as healthcare, banking and energy can create a significant number of jobs. The state of North Carolina is the fourth largest oil producer in the US and has considerable potential for wind energy. Thus, as a whole energy sector is growing rapidly in the state.

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