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Budget cuts on the higher education have badly affected few states including New York. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reports 10% to 14% increase in the tuition fees of public colleges and universities during the last two years. The students and working professionals aspiring for further studies encounter higher tuition fees as a big hurdle. Higher cost of living in the state further handicaps their ability to afford education. Therefore, the existence of a great number of online schools in New York is a real opportunity for people to secure higher education degrees. Online schools endeavor to impart the most effective study options for students by offering cost effectiveness, no travelling, self paced study options, coupled with the quality of education.

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Economic Condition in the State of New York

New York is most densely populated, multicultural and economically powerful state of the US, with the gateway to immigration for millions of people all over the world. It is the single most visited state in the US by foreign tourists and businessmen. New York City is a global center of trade and finance with headquarters of every large corporation in America and most of the world’s largest companies.

The industries of transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, cultural tourism, agriculture and advanced science and technology establish the commercial base of New York State. Its industries have been exporting technology related products for communication, rail equipment, computers and nanotechnology. Moreover, facilities for garment production, paper printing, and food processing industries have also prospered in the state. This advancement results in an expected increase in job opportunities within next few years. The state department for labor and the bureau of labor statistics claims that these jobs will require at least an associate degree or higher.

Online Schools in the State of New York

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