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There is a dire need of trained and well educated professionals to work in services, entertainment, health care and mining sectors in the state of Nevada. A national survey (by the Census Bureau and various other nonprofit organizations) believes that, within the next few years, 60% of new jobs will require an associate degree or higher. On the other hand, National Center for Public Policy and higher Education reports only 30% of Nevada’s adults between the age of 25 to 65 would be able to fulfill the new educational requirements. Unfortunately, declining household incomes, competitive job market and increasing requirements of high qualifications have started to compel people for more education, this results in the rise of student enrollments in online schools. Online schools offer affordable education with self paced study plan and integration of modern technology in teaching methodologies. Even the blended programs offered by the online schools permit students enough time to continue the job.

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Economy in perspective - Nevada State

Nevada State has one of the world’s most beautiful casinos, stunningly beautiful deserts, lakes and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, making it home for tourism. Artists, financiers, gamblers and performers visit Nevada, attracted by the popular entertainment places and hospitality businesses. Business friendly regulations of the state make it an ideal for the prospective investors. Las Vegas the largest city in Nevada is the center of the state’s population, industry and services. It is the largest metropolitan area in the state with the most number of jobs. Nevada is the fourth largest producer of the gold worldwide because of its strong mining industry.


AskForEducation has listed accredited online schools functioning in the state of Nevada. Students should attempt to ascertain the credentials of the online schools and make sure their accreditation, delivery format, financial assistance programs are in line with their expectations. AskForEducation puts researched information about each online school and encourages students to inquire more by applying for the “quick info request”.

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