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Economic condition of the Montana State, USA: Prided of natural beauty and mineral resources, the state of Montana is one of the thinly populated states in the US. Economy of Montana is based on strong industries including mining, tourism, and manufacturing with significant exports of iron ore, oil, Salts, chemicals, and finished goods in the form of heavy machinery, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical Drugs. Montana Department of Commerce states that the exports of the State are above $1.4 billion with the export of raw material claiming a lion’s share. Timber farming, and mining of gold, silver, and other rare metals and stones are one of the major sources of income to the state. Even during period of recession, these industries showed reasonable growth and now expected of creating jobs in the market. Moreover, the fields of tourism, healthcare and education are the few where growth and job opportunities are expected. The state has the lowest unemployment rate in the country yet competition for the jobs is fierce.

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Why enroll in online schools in Montana State

Those having a 2 year associate degree or more have the opportunities awaiting them. This fact is demonstrated by the figures of unemployment among the high school graduates and bachelor degree holders, being 17-18% and 3-4% respectively during 2010*1.  Getting a better job in Montana requires upgrade in educational level. For upgrading the education level while working, online schools can be a reliable option given the least cost and flexible study timings they allow.

Online schools in Montana are providing the quality education at a minimal cost as compared to the conventional campus-based schools. People currently employed have a grand opportunity to improve qualifications by enrolling in some accredited online school and improve chances of career success.

*1) Montana Dept. of Labor and Industry: Labor Day Report, 2010

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