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Michigan hosts one of the most established industries and vast natural resources; it brings opportunities for everyone, especially in the high-tech industry. Michigan is famous for a variety of high quality agricultural and fruit products. Leading industries turning out to be the strongest in Michigan are food processing, automobile, manufacturing, IT, aerospace and military development. Moreover, metal works, tourism and the hospitality sector are going through rapid growth in the state.

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Michigan's Economic conditions

Job openings are abound in Michigan. The state of Michigan assigns a grant of worth $1.36 billion to auto mobile industry for bringing in new technology development, which results in creating 40,000 new jobs during the coming year. There is a strong need for skilled labor in manufacturing and IT industries of Michigan. Many institutions now are offering vocational courses and technical training degrees to the professional labor.*1

Why Online Schools in the State of Michigan

The number of online schools in Michigan is increasing with the growing demand of technical and skilled professionals. The rapidly growing Industries including healthcare, life sciences, and financial sector need a new labor for their work. Upcoming professionals can enhance their skills by enrolling in online schools to compete in the job market. Online Schools mostly require little or no physical presence and the learners can pick their own schedules. Students just require a computer, relevant software and an Internet connection. The format of the degree depends upon the online school, and fees for such schools are reasonably lesser relative to conventional classroom based institutions in the same program or course.

Above is a list of accredited online schools operating in Michigan. For more information about any schools, AskForEducation encourages students to apply for the “Quick info Request”.

*1 ) MEDC (2009). Michigan: High Technology Focus. State of Michigan. Retrieved on June 23, 2009.

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