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The state of Indiana is well known for its manufacturing sector since 1900’s. It is renowned for producing steel, automobile transportation equipment, chemical, and rubber, petroleum products, electric equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical Instruments and devices. Coal products and manufacturing of heavy machinery also form a bulk of the economic activity in Indiana.

Why Online Schools in the state of Indiana?

Over the last decade, manufacturing jobs have been on the decline (a drop of 35% from 2000 onwards according to The Indiana Commission for Higher Education, 2010). On the contrary, jobs related to engineering, Information Technology and manufacturing of medical devices are rising fast. However, these jobs require an associate or bachelors degree. The fact; Indiana sees the least percentage of graduates with a Bachelor's degree or higher manifests the existence of a serious labor deficit, and if the situation persists, people from other states have to fill the gap with lucrative jobs. Therefore, higher education in Indiana has a healthy perspective and promises better future.

Most of the students face a common problem of financing the education, as budget cuts have affected education sector. As a result, campus schools are no longer affordable for most of the students and in-fact, most of the students cannot fulfill the admission criteria under the limited seats. Students handicapped by the issues with campus schools can seriously think for admission in online schools where not only tuition fees are lower, the quality of education is equally impressive.


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