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The state of Illinois is considered by many, as a Microcosm of the entire US, in terms of its strong economic base and the diversity of business interests in the state ranging from Agricultural and Manufacturing to Energy and Oil. The state is also a center for culture Art and Literature, with a history steeped in the rich tradition and heritage. Chicago, one of the most famous cities in the world and the third largest in the US after New York and Los Angeles, offers an exceptional lifestyle as well as opportunities for lucrative work or commercial activity in virtually every field or business area ranging from healthcare to services. Many opportunities are available for those who choose to put up with the harsh winter weather. In terms of opportunities for employment and education, Illinois has some of the best institutions and a multitude of subjects and areas of study are on offer at the Associate or Bachelors degree level.

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Economy & Career in Illinois

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary in Chicago is over $ 45,000 per year with the massive growth in Information Technology creating more high-tech jobs every quarter (2010)*1. The diversity of business interests also supports a strong labor market with production in Coal, timber and petroleum products as well as agriculture. The state is also a vast transportation hub for goods connected across Michigan via lakes and rivers to most of the major ports.

Why Online Schools in the state of Illinois?

The recent recession has caused an enormous budget shortfall in the state, which has placed a lot of economic pressure on universities and colleges to increase tuition fees as funds from the state are scarce. In this scenario, Online Education, which is readily available from hundreds of accredited Online Schools in Illinois, is filling the gap for millions of students who found it too expensive or too limiting to pursue their education.

Online Schools offer courses that students can choose to study in their own time and the comfort of their own homes. The costs are also less than those of any of Chicago’s traditional campus-based institutions, allowing students to finance their own learning by working full time and studying whenever convenient.


Every online school may have its own teaching methodology and may have different accreditation. Since online schools accredited by a reliable agencies matter hugely in the quality of education and for employment prospects, students should seek the relevant information. AskForEducation has listed below all the accredited online schools located in Illinois. In case students need further information about any online school, they can apply for the quick info request.

*1) May 2010 State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates - Idaho by United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov/oes/current/oes_il.htm)

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