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The state of California is among the largest economies in the world and has the highest population. In the whole of the USA, it stands at the third position in terms of the largest area in the states. It has an established economy and thus opportunities for the aspirants are plentiful. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage in the state of California stands at $50,730*1 exceeding the national average considerably.

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California's Economy

The state is rich in its agricultural resources, entertainment, arts and manufacturing industry. Home of Silicon Valley, state is the “Technology Capital” of the world. Cost of living is higher, yet the quality of life is commendable and opportunities for investors abound.

Why Online Schools in the state of California?

The state is recovering from the global recession. Among other sectors, recession has also affected education sector—education budget cuts and tuition fee hike. Many Students can no longer afford admission in campus-based schools. They are giving up education. As far as the working professionals are concerned, since the job market is competitive, they do not want to quit their jobs for education. What happens mostly with students is they earn a high school education and enter the job market right away, oblivious to the fact how substantially they can boost their career prospects if they attain higher education. In the face of financial and geographical limitations, online schools can be an excellent option for them.

In addition, the fact in the state of California the concept of online education is well developed; People can always believe in the effectiveness of online schools. Online schools employ different strategies to allow students get educated in a way that they become equally competitive and out-perform their counterparts - students in campus schools. What online schools do is they call up experts of the field and get them to brainstorm and in a similar fashion, they keep improving their operations. Online schools thus provide the most reliable path to higher education.


The following list of accredited online schools in California has detailed information on each school. However, different schools employ varied teaching methodologies and strategies, therefore, students are encouraged to ask for detailed information before finalizing any institute. This can be done by applying for FREE "Quick Info Request" option on each school page.

Therefore, AskForEducation gives detailed information about each online school by using “Quick info Request” option on school page.

*1) May 2010 State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates California

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