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The advancement in science and technology has changed the concept of formal education to a new concept of online school. Online schools provide a system of education accessible to students living in distant sparsely populated areas with limited resources and educational opportunities. There are thousands of traditional as well as purely virtual schools delivering online education in a combined format.

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Online Education in perspective

Various online   education systems on the internet help in accessing the uploaded lectures and library portals. Besides synchronous online education, online school also offers asynchronous education for students in which the lectures are uploaded to study at convenient time. There are new technology-aided tools available by which students can watch a live video stream of class lectures, if they cannot attend the class in person.

Most state universities and many vocational schools, colleges and other online institutes offer courses in the distance learning format for which students need to attend campus based activity for 20-30% of the course. These activities usually include seminars, written exams and meetings with project advisors.

Online Schools: A rising trend

Distance learning courses are available in virtually all of the fifty two states, with more schools have started offering online learning programs. Great numbers of virtual institutions operating on a 24 hour business model are providing online courses to local and foreign students.

Accredited Online Schools

Across 52 states in the US, online schools are delivering a wide variety of online and blended educational courses. To ensure the quality of education; regional (state) and national accreditation bodies for online schools approve educational standards and endeavor to bring the quality of education of an accredited campus school. Prospective students can easily access organizations such as CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) for a listing of accredited schools or check the Carnegie Classification, which maintains a list of accredited institutions in the US*1. There are about 152 accredited online schools working at present in the US and AskForEducation has compiled a list of all accredited online schools along with detailed information on each. However, we encourage students to request more information by apply for "Quick info Request", this will help make an informed decision about the future and career.

(1*recognized by the United States Department of Education)

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