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Apparently, people may think earning a doctorate via an online school is impossible. However, it’s no more the case with the latest advancement in technology. Many people are now days completing doctorate degrees via online education. However, this is not to say online schools offer any easier way to secure doctorate degrees. In fact, equally hard work is required. Students are taught latest techniques to come up with research and findings, which are then thoroughly reviewed and appraised by the experts. Thus, the essence of the degree remains, only method of attaining is changed.

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Why Online Schools for Doctorate Degrees?

Online schools realizing the essence of online degrees devise a mechanism in a way students learn systematically. Never putting aside the importance of fieldwork, at times students are required to visit campuses to conduct the fieldwork or discussion with professor. Areas of study such as archeology, metallurgy, business, chemistry and physical sciences require a lot of practical application, especially for the research thesis. Doctorate degrees conducted partially over the internet and partly in the regular classes are called blended doctorate programs.

Online Doctorate Schools in perspective

Certain online schools offer doctorate degrees entirely online, such programs include doctorate in arts, literature and history. However, most of the online doctorate schools conducts programs in a blended format. Pursuing a campus based doctorate program requires a minimum of 4-8 years with consistent visits to campus, where as online schools offers self paced study program. Thus, online schools give due weight age to the varying abilities of different people.


Find below the list of accredited online schools offering doctorate programs. Online doctorate schools may employ different teaching methodologies with different delivery formats, degree programs concentrations, and financial aid options. AskForEducation has shown the information about all the online schools. For more information, students are required to apply for the quick info request.

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