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The emergence of web 2.0 has opened new vistas of education. Interactivity and information sharing features have allowed new courses that now students can take via Online Education. By 2016, enrollments in online continuing education will increase to 5 million*1. A few years ago, online education was only able to develop study mechanism for a handful of courses, now almost all the certifications and short courses are available at various online schools. There is no field for which there isn’t any course. As the world changes fast and so do the employment requirements, one has to attain certain courses on a continuous basis even if higher-level education has been completed. Fields such as IT and Health care demand continuous improvement in expertise and knowledge of the contemporary trends.

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Why Online Schools for Continuing Education?

An employer would consider promotion for an employee who knows the modern trends and able to adapt changing world. A person aspiring to achieve the pinnacle of his field needs constant improvement in skills so that one can take over the work of high-level managers. Since while working securing the requisite certificates from the campus-based schools are not feasible, online continuing education schools can simplify the attainment of these certifications. Unlike campus-based schools, they bring to use the latest technology and impart education at the maximum convenience of the students. Fresh graduates, as well as the working professionals, can benefit from online schools. From non-core skills (such as writing skills) to technical skills, online continuing education courses are rife.

Online Continuing Education Schools in perspective

Online schools employ different teaching strategies as per the course requirements with the help of experts in the field. While studying in online schools, one can take classes online and ask questions to the teachers just as is done in traditional classes. Teachers mail the lessons; students complete the assignments and projects and mail back. Teachers evaluate them and give feedback. In cases, one has missed the lectures one can download them from the school portal. Moreover, average cost of an online continuing education course is almost one third of the cost of traditional school course – a five credit hour course from a local community college costs as little as $500, while some online schools offer basic courses for less than $100*2.


Go through the accredited online schools where continuing education courses are conducted. Before enrollment in any school, consideration of certain facts is essential. Therefore, AskForEducation has explained the listed online schools considering the varying facts unique to every online school. In case, students want information about a particular online school; they can apply for the quick info request.


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*2) Kevin Carey, “College for $99 a Month,” Washington Monthly Sept./Oct. 2009

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