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The growing advancements in the information technology (IT) world have revolutionized the world and changed daily life. Life has become much busier even some people do not find time to go for education at a campus based school. Therefore, the concept of formal education and its delivery has also changed. Today, online education has allowed students to earn accredited online programs in a choice of degree levels from the comfort of their home, the local library, or anywhere they have access to the internet. There has been an incredible increase in the number of online students in the recent decade. From the year, 2001 to 2006, total student enrollment has moved from 1.2 million to 12.21*1 million and still growing at the same rate.The online degree levels available at this time at the national and international level are:

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Online Training Course, Diplomas and Certificates

Several vocational training schools are offering programs including statistical, computer, mechanical and other technical skills educated in online and blended formats. A vocational certificate or award usually gives practical training for a career.

Online Associate Degree

An associate degree includes two years of study in the disciplines of arts and sciences. Associate degree offers a broad education and training programs for admission into a bachelor's degree program and to pursue a career oriented job. Online associate degrees include 18% of careers.

Online Bachelors Degree

Bachelor program is a four year degree, which sets the basis for a master's degree and contributes 28% of all careers. Different online schools offer a variety of bachelor degree programs in subject areas, including engineering, business, designing, medicine, computer and I.T., and social a sciences. Latest web based platforms deliver online programs includes blackboards, podcasts, online interactive sessions (group chat) and asynchronous learning (online real time class lectures). Successful and professional companies now require a minimum of a bachelor program for a candidate to apply for the job. Some online schools have started offering accelerated bachelor program in which student can complete degree around three years.

Master’s and Doctorate degree

Stretching between one to two years for a master’s degree, accentuating self paced education with the help of online learning resources (such as closed 3-libraries). Employees looking for promotion in jobs pursue masters programs. For example, in various organizations, the employees with a master's or doctoral degree are eligible for the post of supervisor and executive. Therefore, earning an online master's or doctoral degree can raise your income to about $10,000 yearly.Continued Education Courses. These courses are especially for professionals who want to enhance skills in a field, or to learn new skills in different fields to claim as a certified professional. Many online universities, specialized schools and colleges provide these courses.

*1) National Center for Education Statistics.

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